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Based in Vero Beach, Jill Shevlin Design

uses hand-picked and custom designs to fit customers’ personal tastes. We offer a distinctive and unique interior design that is unmatched in our field. With us, spaces are revitalized to fully represent your vision and your dream home. We are here to actualize your unique vision.

Meet Jill Shevlin

With a degree in Interior Design from Florida State University, Florida native Jill Shevlin founded Jill Shevlin Design in 2001. She brings expertise in oceanfront properties and seaside design. With a belief that personal service is just as important as personal design, Jill has been able to build a large and loyal client base that spans nationwide.

Her success comes from bringing interior design and excited homeowners together by listening, building close relationships, and designing homes that favor THEM – not her. Jill also uses her expertise to guide clients while letting their personal tastes shine through. She is known for going beyond her client’s expectations with her unique, tailored designs.

Jill adores the natural beauty that Florida has to offer. She recently got married by the stunning Mediterranean seaside in Santorini, providing further inspiration for her designs. She weaves her passion for beauty into all that she does, embracing her multifaceted nature. With a keen eye for original pieces, she merges her personal modern style with a classic vintage flair. Not only this, but Jill loves to incorporate her clients’ personal items and beloved collections into her design scope. Jill is a longtime animal lover, with three adorable pups she’s proud to call her own. She’s never met a dog she didn’t like.

With her custom and beautiful work being featured in Luxe, Dwell, Florida Design, and more, homeowners can rest assured that they’re in good hands with Jill.

Jill Shevlin Interior Designer
Interior Desginer Jill Shevlin
Primary Master Bedroom New Construction Home Riomar Vero Beach Jill Shevlin Design interior designer

Put Your Touch on Your Home

At Jill Shevlin Design, our experts do more than add a splash of color or change a few pieces of furniture. Our full-fledged designs give clients a sense of true individuality and sophistication, all throughout the house.

Bring the Outside In

Every homeowner knows that the impression of a home starts outside. Welcome guests and wandering eyes with cohesive curb appeal that will match the interior. With us, your personal touch will reach across all aspects of your property.

Welcome Guests at the Door

Our clients want their homes to be impressionable at first sight. What better opportunity than at the front door? Gorgeous entryways and foyers welcome guests into your space and give a pleasant goodbye when they leave.

The Perfect Recipe for Your Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen where gathering, story-telling, cooking, and memories happen. Cook meals, pass down recipes, entertain, and share some wine in a space that best suits your style.

Bring Everything to the Table

Dining rooms are the perfect spaces where casual meets elegance so you can hold family dinners, and entertain guests all at once. With Jill Shevlin Design, guests can bring food, stories, and memories to a table and ambiance that speaks to them. 

Entertain and Relax Comfortably

Showcase the heart of who you are and your home’s personality in a living space that’s fit for entertaining, relaxing, and comfortable living. The TV room, family room, den, or man cave – it can all be optimized for elegance and memory-making. 

Custom cherry wood paneled office with river view and bernadoodle Jill Shevlin design vero beach interior designer custom home vero beach
custom designed new build home in riomar vero beach Family Room in blue and white with mahogany accent furniture Jill Shevlin design vero beach interior designer
Navy Blue Coastal Bedroom

Cozy Living is Great Living

Cozy spaces where you can let the stress of outside go are vital spaces to a cozy home. With our expert guidance, clients come home to customized living spaces that showcase their lifestyles and their most relaxed self.

Create Your Personal Oasis

The most private space in a home is the bathroom. Here, clean and pristine functionality meets elegance as you prepare for the day and wind down for the night. With us, your dream oasis can easily become your favorite room of the house to show off. 

Bring Your Taste to Your Intimate Space

Bedrooms are intimate, and the space to make uniquely yours. Jill’s expertise in creating restful and tranquil bedrooms is sure to recharge you with peaceful dreams for the days to come. With Jill’s designs, your bedroom can be bold or tranquil, tailored to your preferences.

Ready to Show Off Your Flair?

Jill Shevlin Design takes pride in making your personal space suit you. With us, you can trust that your dream home will be everything that you’ve ever wanted. Contact us today for an in-person or virtual consultation, and let’s showcase your personal style together!

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Jill Shevlin and her team have over 40 years of experience creating amazing spaces for people just like you.

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