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I'm not going to lie, I get a little giddy every time I see my work published by a shelter magazine or website.  

Today's good news comes from ElleDecor.com.  They were kind enough to share one  of my projects on their site titled

30 Perfect Bathrooms with Luxurious, Curved Tubs

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This beautiful tub the homeowners selected was actually discovered while they were on vacation.   They fell in love with the oval tub and brought a little bit of vacation home with them.  The tub sits open to the beautiful view.  

The shower you see in the photo is only one of two showers in the bathroom.  This is the summer shower.  There is one more that is more closed and is also a steam shower.  

Not a bad place to hang out, right?

New Home Construction Process

This bathroom is one of my favorite New Home Construction projects.  

You know how much I love a good construction project!  

For this home I was involved from the plans to completion with long time clients in upstate New York.  

It's always great to take a trip down memory lane - because it is Oh-So-Easy to look a pretty pictures and think it magically happens.  Well....I am here to tell you there is allot of Time, Selections and Work involved to reach an end.


4 - Progress Photos of a New Home Construction Bathroom 



Even thought she's looking a little naked at this stage, in fact allot of work has been completed to get to this stage.  But it is really a blank canvas waiting "for the magic" to happen. 


Drywall  is up and the sub floor is down almost ready for the good stuff to arrive.  



It's all in the details.  the Main Floor is down now and the floor mounted tub filler is installed.  The tub is there and they are getting ready to put it in place.


Complete, but finishing touches still to come.  

That's when the really good stuff starts to happen!

Bathroom Checklist

In the event you are thinking about, daydreaming about or just wondering what is involved in a new bathroom build or renovation the list below is a good list of the decisions you need to make to get the ball rolling.

MASTER BATHPlumbingMain Flooring
Sink (s)
Faucet (s)
Toilet (s)
Shower HeadShower Floors
Hand Held
DrainShower Walls
TUBNiches - Accessories
Tub Filler
Sower EnclosureWalls
Height / HingeCeiling
Door Style
Exhaust Fan/Light
Towel Bars

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