Simple is the most difficult design decision to go with.  I think we all have a constant battle within to always want to do more, add that one more thing that will finally complete the look. 

Simple White Millwork Details surround a Classic Fireplace with Black Granite Surround

But the truth is like Van Der Rohe said,  Less is More!  Simple is So Right – So Often.

This was a Major home renovation I did a few years ago in Windsor.  The entire project Before was exactly the opposite of less is more! 

Before we started on the renovation this was the photo I received from my client.  I was almost shocked that she even gave this house a look.  But luckily she, like most of my clients had vision of what this house could become.  We set out to remodel and redo the old, outdated house into a home.  A simple, classic, beautiful home we both knew was under all the fuss and poorly executed details.  

Before Photo of Living Room Fireplace

The existing mill work – although painted two tone (?why?)  was a beautiful and expensive architectural detail that needed refining and painting!  We ditched the siren fireplace mantel and book cases and opted for – SIMPLE panels and a simple white and black surround.  

When you look at the after photo, it’s hard to believe the room started out any other way.  

Jill Shevlin Design Windsor Home with No Furniture simple white millwork

OK So I admit, the photo with the previous owners furnishings is THE worst.  It doesn’t look quite so bad here with all the junk removed.  But no doubt, still needs editing!


Windsor Vero Beach Home Renovation Jill Shevlin Design

I LOVE a construction job site!  LET the DEMO begin!!

It still amazes me how bad things get before they get better.  You just have to see beyond all the tools, dust and chaos.

Windsor Florida Vero Beach Living Room After Photo

And this is the final Living Room shot furnished.  The fireplace is at the far left end.  

After Photos by – Aric Attas