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A Curated Collection

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Contemporary Glass Home Decor Accents

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Below are two projects for the same client.  In each home we've created a special home for their art glass collection.

CA LR glass collection jill shelvin design

In the Living Room of our Rancho Sante Fe, California project above floating glass shelves support the glass art.

And in the Office Below, a project seven years prior I designed custom built niches to hold and display the same art glass. 

Millbrook NY Project Glass Art Niches Jill Shevlin Deign

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My Own Decorative Collection

I personally have a HUGE and ever growing collection of many things.  One of my favorite decorative items to collect is vintage matt white pottery.

If you love the look of matte white vases, jars and decorative accessories, you can find it just about anywhere.  

I prefer to scavage and hunt for my pieces.  But below are new decorative white matte pottery you can purchase.

USA White Matte Pottery Collection Jill Shevlin Design

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