Wishing Everyone a Happy and Blessed Holiday 2017

From My Family to Yours

Christmas Card Jill Shevlin Design 2017


Here are our Christmas 2017 photos  What a experience it is to get me and 3 dogs to all look our best! Hope you enjoy.

I have tried to capture photos of my dogs and myself at least every two years.  This year I wanted to do it for our Christmas Card – I was well ahead of the game, unlike years past.  The photographer was scheduled, cards for the office designed, adorable ties and pearl necklace for the “kids” were purchased in October. It was all under control. 

I had an image in my mind of a what the photos would turn out like and what a fun experience the photo shoot would be.  

My dogs would, of course cooperate like the little angels they are and since they come to the office with me regularly, I thought what better place than our home away from home to get it  all done.  Well….things didn’t turn out quite like I had envisioned. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I Love the photos!! 

Let’s just say they are not exactly what I had in my head for so long.  And the actual process was not as – easy –  as I had hoped. 

The photos turned out better!  Thanks to our photographer Elaine Ryan for her patience as we wrangled overly excited dogs into a few good poses! 

I’ve included some out take photos just for fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

I know 2018 has something special in store for us all!   

jill shevlin design with dogs christmas card 2017

Emmy and Amelia Kissing Jill Shelvin Design Christmas 2017

Amelia Loves to Kiss Emmitt…he pretends not to like it, but he really does.


jill shevlin design with dogs christmas card 2017

The big guy lays one on me!


Zeke Jill shelvin design 2017 ChristmasWe weren’t able to get a photo of Zeke with his tie on straight.  This one I snapped on my I-phone.


If you are wondering, I purchased the ties and pearl necklace for the dogs from Etys shops.