My USA White Matte Pottery Collection

It all started innocently enough with a single floraline vase.  I found the shapes interesting as well as the story.  Collection USA White Matte Pottery Collection Jill Shevlin Design

I would find a single piece here and there for a buck or two while perusing the thrift and second-hand stores.  I liked the forms and for a dollar or two, why not?  It didn’t take long to amass a small collection.  And then, I guess you could say it became an addiction.  A cheap one, but still a problem when you continue to buy things you have no need for.  The photo above is a small sampling of my collection and is peppered with other white items to mix it up.

I had white matte pottery in every closet and cranny in my house stuffing them in drawers all the while continuing to buy more.  One dollar or two at a time.

Thank goodness for me, I prefer the old-fashioned kind of shopping – you know – the actual getting in the car and going to the store kind of shopping.  I can see it, touch it, ponder it while I walk the isles telling myself, “the last thing I need is another piece of  McCoy.   eBay wasn’t, and still isn’t, part of my routine, or I would need “a bigger boat” to house all my finds!

Then, I started searching for the larger more expensive pieces!  Full-on pottery addict.  Now I look for black, pink, green, white and recently started picking up bean pots too.

I guess I have my limits because what started out as a fun scavenger hunt of sorts for me remains just that today.  I still like to find a new pottery piece, cheap, just a buck or two –  like back in the good ole days.  But I draw my limits now depending on the store, I may go as high as $12- $20 depending on the piece and how many I currently have.

Check out the history of Floraline vases here on the  McCoy website.  The vases were originally sold exclusively to florists in the 1960’s and clearly have a mid-century vibe.   Perhaps it brings up memories of my childhood since these were the vases flowers were delivered in.  I just don’t think the glass vases we get today are anything anyone would ever collect.  But I guess that’s what we all once thought about the matt pottery vases as well.

Here is a great article on Hull Pottery another brand of USA-made pottery that is part of the collection.

Haeger Pottery created some beautiful pottery until 2016 when they closed due to the recession and cheap imports among other things.

er Pottery Jill Shelvlin Design

In the past, I have sold bookcases filled with white matte pottery in furnished models and staged homes.  Nothing looks better than white in a dark bookcase.

Be sure to check out my collection of collection photos on the Home Life & Design Blog.  Is collection images of other people’s collections part of the addiction as well?  Honestly, I think it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one that appreciates a good collection!
Below are some pieces you can purchase “off the rack” if you will. No need to scour through thrift stores to get your own collection going.

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