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Natural Wonders 

Wood - Wicker - Rattan - Wool - Rope 

Natural materials are a easy Go-To design staple for decorating any home in a Coastal or Casual style. Coastal Casual Furniture galore in this collection of Design Finds.  


Today's Design Finds are all about Natural Wonders.  

You know, the stuff we get from good ole'  Mother Earth.  

Wood - Wool - Wicker - Rattan - Sea Grass - Rope

All in the name of Coastal Modern Casual Decorating.  

The two tables above are at opposite ends of the pricing stratosphere!   But each of them are simple & casual wood tables.  

Pair either of them with a great natural fiber chandelier and you've got the perfect Coastal Modern Casual.  A favorite design style of just about everyone. 

The Farmhouse Style Table, if you can believe it is from Target.  A Pretty good look for a really great price.  Can't say that this will be an antique of tomorrow, but hey it looks great now!   This would be a great table to use outdoors in a cover area.  I swear by the idea of mixing up outdoor furniture.  Use the sturdy (sometime U-G-L-Y) plastic weather resistant stuff.  Because you have to.  But miix it with real wood.  Indoor furniture outdoors!  I like to accessorize outside like a regular room.  

The combination and layering of different textures is what makes for great design.


 The Contemporary but warm X Base table is a great transition piece.  If you are - shall we say - not so on board with the slightly worn in look.  This is a good choice for you.  

A little secret, everyone loves to sit at a round table.  It's a more intimate setting and easier to talk when sitting at a round table.  Even when it's just two, it's nice to sit side by side at a round table.  The down side is not many rooms can accommodate a large round table.  Still a good look for a breakfast nook.  Just scale down the size of the light above.

Mix this table  with a natural fiber chandelier and you've got the perfect coastal modern look.

Side note:  I am a fan of the slightly used, worn in look.  I love a great antique and I am always happy to add a little bit of old in any design.  I really like it when I have pieces clients have a history with something they want to incorporate into a home.  And....if they don't there's a really high likelihood that we will purchase something old!

For some Dining Seating in a Coastal Style check out these Bar, Counter and Dining Chairs from Serena & Lily

I do love natural fiber accessories too.  Even a touch of natural fiber, maybe from a handbag, chair,  or accessory all are a great addition to any room.  

I like to hang raffia bags and big woven hats on vintage wicker, rattan or bamboo.  Even if it's not a hat rack a nice assortment of hats and bags around mirrors.  Equals same effect.

(I do have a collection habit I fully admit to- check out some of my vices here)

Natural Fiber Modern Coastal Decor Accessories
Jill Shevlin Design Modern Coastal - Natural Fibers Vero Beach

In the Windsor, Vero Beach Guest House,  Living Room below just about everything is traditional in style.  Except for the Modern Coastal Sea Shell Squares on the wall.  The frames are wrapped in sea grass.  Check out the post I wrote on Sophisticated Coastal Modern to see more images of work I have done.  A Nautical Guest Bedroom here

Modern Coastal Casual with Natures Wonders 

Jill Shevlin Design Navy Coastal Family Room Veor Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator Coastal Modern Casual Decor

I limited this Natural Wonders post to the woods and grasses.  I will save metals and other material for another post.  Just for the sake of it I threw in the photo below.  It's a detail of an antique Asian door purchased for a new home build I worked on.  

Natural Fiber Modern Coastal Details Jill Shevlin Design
Woven Light Shop Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer
Coastal Modern Natural Wonders Jill Shevlin Design


Texture Woven Home Goods

Hope you find some inspiration here for your Coastal Modern Room.  

Till next time...

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer

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