Benches & Settees

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Casual Farmhouse Style Bench Great as an Entry Seating Option
Bench Farmhouse Style_Coastal_Home_Decor_Jill_Shevlin_Design_Vero_Beach_Interior_Design_Home_Furnish_Bench_Coastal_Casual_Entry_Furntiure
For a More Formal Setting use an Upholstered Settee
Coastal Casual Wicker and Rattan Bench is a Great Texture to Mix in Anywhere
Use this Bench at the Foot of a Bed, in an Entry a Mud Room or Even a large Bathroom
Bench Farmhouse Style_Coastal_Home_Decor_Jill_Shevlin_Design_Vero_Beach_Interior_Design_Home_Furnish_Bench_Coastal_Casual_Entry_2 Furntiure.jpg
Benches and Settees Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach

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