Coastal Bedroom the Key Ingredient Is


In designing a coastal bedroom, texture plays a pivotal role in creating a serene and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of the seaside. Embrace the tactile qualities of natural materials such as weathered wood, rattan, and woven fabrics to evoke the essence of coastal living. Incorporating a mix of textures adds depth and visual interest to any space, mirroring the diverse elements found in coastal environments. Consider a plush, seafoam-colored rug underfoot for a soft and comforting touch, complemented by crisp, white linens with subtle nautical patterns. Introduce textured elements like seagrass or driftwood-inspired furniture to infuse a rustic yet refined coastal charm. The juxtaposition of smooth and rough textures, reminiscent of sandy shores and weathered seaside structures, creates a harmonious coastal retreat where the soothing ambiance is enhanced by the touch and feel of the carefully curated textures.

Coastal Beds_four-Post-wood-and-woven-bed

Living on the coast of Florida I often get asked to create rooms that reflect the area we live in.  

Coastal, beachy, but - you know, not palm trees and coconuts.  

I hear you!   Tropical Burnout it is a Thing.  

In order to get a coastal vibe,  you don't need to beat someone over the head with coastal kitch.  

The key to coastal is texture.  Texture is everything.  

I've rounded up some of my current favorite beds that work perfectly in any bedroom to create your own 

Coastal Inspired Bedroom. 


Raffia four poster bed jill shevlin design vero beach florida coastal chic

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Texture - Texture - Texture

$$ Moderately Priced

I love a four poster bed.  It is a significant piece of furniture and works in any bedroom.  You just have to make sure it's not too overwhelming for the room.  

This  Franklin Four Poster Bed - Natural Raffia is a woven four poster bed.  It is  a great choice if you are into coastal chic  in a slightly rough style.    

This bed is large I would reserve this selection for a good sized room.  Master Suite or a large guest Bedroom.

Mixing textures is the key when working with a bed like this.  There shouldn't be any other woven pieces in the same room - especially if the weave is the same scale and size.

Below are some night stands, lamps and pillows that would work well with this bed.  

Pair the Coastal Woven Bed with any of these Night Stands



Coastal Glam

$$$ High End

This is a Great bed for an eclectic taste.  The Palma  king Canopy Bed is a great mix of materials.  Ohh My Gosh...This bed could work in just about  any style of decor and look A-Mazing!  

This is the perfect bed for a contemporary yet coastal feel.  I love it!

Chic, sophisticated and simple.

Pair the Coastal Glam Bed with any of these Night Stands

Black night stand shop bedroom vero beach jill shevlin design

30'' H X 30'' W X 18'' D

In a crisp two-tone finish combining a gray washed oak with a contrasting textured light gray color, the Serenity Balboa Two Drawer Nightstand brings the organic textures of cottage waterfront living to your space.

34"L x 20"W x 29"H

  • Two soft-closing drawers with inset brushed stainless steel plate and finger pull, dual port/usb charger on back of drawer box
  • Drawer box in linen finish with support panels and rails in light shale finish
  • Adjustable glides
  • Manufacturer's three-year limited warranty
  • Imported

28"w x 15.6"d x 24"h

Mild steel in a Hot-Rolled Steel finish.

Woven Mod

$  Well  Priced

I like this bed - but - warning - it is a - LOW Headboard only 46" tall. 

 It difficult to get scale correct when ordering from photos.  

So it's most important to CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS!

I do love the combination of Wood and Texture in this bed.

So, in order to make this work and look it's absolute Best,  it needs great bedding.   More importantly great artwork above it.  Adding art above will create a complete vignette and style the room. 

This is a great bed for an eclectic taste.  The Amalfi Woven Bed

Beds shop Beds Vero Beach Beds, Vero Beach Furniture, Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Pair the Woven Mod Bed with any of these

Night Stands


Los Altos Reston Night Table



30'' H X 22.25'' W X 19.25'' D

Interior Shelf 

8.5'' H X 18.5'' W X 15.5'' D

Overall Product Weight 

101 lb.

Leo Two-Drawer Nightstand

  • Contrast tabletop
  • Single display shelf
  • Two drawers with geometric-shaped knobs
  • Tapered legs
  • Imported
  • More Beds....

    White  Woven Coastal Casual

    & Well  priced 

    This woven painted bed is a great choice for a Guest Bedroom.  

    It's simple and can work with any number styles & colors.   It has a low frame and a slightly higher headboard but a nice all around combination at a great price.

    Beds shop Beds Vero Beach Beds, Vero Beach Furniture, Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

    Texture in Low Square Bed 

    $$ Moderately priced

    If a four poster bed is not the right choice for you there are options.  This square bed is made of woven material but on the low side  48" total in height and definitely square.  

    A perfect bed for a guest bedroom.  The options for mixing with this bed are endless.  Honestly you can hardly get the wrong side tables as this will work with just about anything.  Mix in an antique side table or a new one - either will work.

    Lanai Platform Bed

    woven bed jill shevlin design
    chic and stylish upholstered bed jill shevlin design

    Texture with a Curved Accents

    $$$ High end

    Ingrid Bed is another woven bed.  This little lovly has a  much more refined weave.  Subtle and simple styling with classic wing sides and a camel back headboard and footboard.

    Beautiful and in the high end price wise.  


    Here are a few more Bed, Beds & more Beds....


    I hope you found something that inspires you to go Coastal!  Want to check out some other style beds?  Just pop on over to my SHOP - Beds page.  You'll find more of my favorite finds.


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