& Where to Find them Online.

Are you redecorating, renovating or updating your home interiors?  Do you want to know where to find furniture to create the modern designs you see?  Like those of all interior designers on Pintrest and in the magazines? Look no further because I have a list for you.

Here you will find a collection of the best furniture brands.  Where to find the furniture you are longing the have.  And where to go to shop all the top luxury designer brands.

On Line! 

At your fingertips. For you to order on your own.

Thank goodness for the internet!

Not that long ago the furniture industry was a top secret boys club with god ole boy salesmen ins three piece suits.  These secret clubs left the average home furniture buyer with little to no options for decorating or designing their own home.

You would have one local furniture store to shop at and what they had, was what you got.

Not the case any more.

It has never been easier to create your own unique interior design for your home.

 Expensive, exclusive designer furniture brands all the way to the oh, so affordable all can be found.

Furniture brands that are household names and have been around for years are now accessible to everyone.

Here you will find a few of my favorite Designer Luxury Furniture Brands that you can shop online.

A collection of high-end furniture brands.  Almost all of the lines I use regularly in my design projects.  

But don't be surprised if you are shocked by the sticker prices of some, maybe all!  If you haven't shopped for furniture in a while, it can be a big number to swallow.

But don't despair.  If you are a great internet sleuth you can always find something similar somewhere else at a more reasonable prices.  Use that google image search and see what you come up with.

The best collection of name brand furniture and designer Luxury brands is by far Perigold.com


The Perigold site has tons of high-end vendors, and the pricing is appropriate for the level and brand name products they have.  They even stock items so you can get them pretty quickly.

The first time I ordered through the Perigold web site I was impressed with the white glove delivery service they provided. I ordered lamps and they were delivered on time, the driver called prior to arriving, they unpacked the lamps and even put a light bulb in, placed plugged them in. It turned out I didn’t keep them, and the return pick-up service was just as professional and convenient.

Perigold carries Designer Brands with classic styles, with modern style and a diverse range of furniture.

Many, many great brands that I have trade accounts with and order from often often can be found here.

Some great go to high end brands you should check out are below.

EJ Victor

A great high-end furniture brand with traditional as well as contemporary styles of furniture you won’t find anywhere else.  They are HIGH END.  There is no doubt, with a price point to match.  They do however offer beautiful furniture that you will not find anywhere else..  

EJ Victor has many high-quality furniture collections from major designers like Kelly Wearstler as well as talk show comedian/home expert Ellen DeGeneres.

We can all live a little and indulge in the luxury of all their furniture.  I've samples a few pieces below.

EJ Victor has amazing High End Products Designer Custom Furniture

Yes, again I agree, a wee bit on the pricey side.  

 But how beautiful is this modern take on a classic secretary?  

For only $28,210

Hooker Furniture

Now that I've set the bar extremely high with a super high end brand we move on to Hooker Furniture.  

Hooker has some amzing pieces.  They also have pieces I wonder who in the world would order such hideous furniture.  Hooker is another of top furniture brand you can find on Perigold. Absolutely the opposite spectrum of EJ Victor.   Hooker is a well priced furniture line with a wide variety of styles to choose from. They have a nice selection of home office products, leather pieces and case goods. It has been my experience that what you see is what  you get.  Their photography is good and I have not had any surprises when ordering.

Recently I have been completely happy with Office Chairs, Desks, and Benches that I have ordered.

Below are some great home furnishings from Hooker that I happen to like.

I love these selections for a great primary or guest bedroom.

Scroll through to see them all.

A great transitional desk that could work in almost any design.

Some more of my Hooker Selects

Additional Designer Furniture Brands on Perigold you can purchase

#3. Century Furniture


Timeless design classics, and a well know and trusted high end brand in the furniture industry.  Century is a go to for just about anything.  They have everything and it is almost 100% customizable. 

Perhaps not online, but I can (wink, wink)

Click through the images below for pricing and more information

Here's a unique bench from Century you won't see everywhere.

For a coastal west indies vibe check out the pieces below.

This is a great traditional version of a secretary yet a more casual version made in rattan at a great price.

#4.  Bernhardt


A great brand with contemporary design. They are always adding (and discontinuing) products. None the less I love the current style. Definitely a more contemporary culture here. Bernhardt comes as you see it and if there are finish options, they will show the piece in the available options.  

Some of my current Bernhardt favorites.

Click for more

Four Hands

Not a high end brand, but a good reasonably priced line for staples. This is for those more into the California earthy look.  Four Hands furniture made of unique materials, mainly wood and several select pieces in natural form with clean lines.

Natural materials are predominant with a minimal modern approach to every piece of furniture.

Click below for more.

Hickory White

Traditional wood furniture pieces of high-quality materials, a great collection of timeless furniture.

. Hickory White has grown recently to offer a great custom finish program for many of the pieces they make. Everything Hickory White creates is hand crafted and hand tailored in North Carolina, USA. That's right, made in the USA!  I have always been pleased with anything I have ordered in case goods.  I was not so pleased with their upholstery line.

Jamie Young is a brand of cool, eclectic, coastal furniture and accessories.

Coastal Vibes and vibrant colors with rope and rattan furniture.  Jamie Young stands out for their accessories.  Lamps my friends, I can't say it enough, good lamps make a big difference!

Some furniture pieces

A few of Jamie Young's lighting.

#8.  Lexington


Lexington Furniture is the line you often see sold in collections at furniture stores. The good part of that is that anyone without a vision can buy a whole room, or house for that matter and it will look just like the catalog or furniture showroom floor.

But, for designers it is a good go to for budget friendly, well made, fill in pieces that you know you can count on for just about everything.  Well priced and almost never a problem with any order I have placed with them.

#9.  Caracole

Caracole is not a household name, and I think it's because they don't have what every other furniture line offers. They are slightly different and unique, but in a good way.  I have ordered from them in the past and I was pleased with the product.  It is a little on the "fancy' side for me.  But I am not opposed to something new and different every once in a while.  

#10.  Vanguard


In reality I wish I loved Vanguard more than I do.   Vanguard is a great flexible furniture line that lets you create a custom furniture design based on their core piece. Custom hardware, finishes, details, feet all sorts of ways to make a simple design fit into your scheme. This customization is work and takes thought and foresight.

Vanguard has many great styles of everything to choose from.  In my experience everything I've ordered is a bit - stiff.  I like it but wish it had more character.  Some of my clients love the predictability, so I do keep them in my arsenal.  

In addition to Furniture Perigold has major home decor items like lighting, accessory, and furniture for outdoor areas as well.

A few of my favorite Lighting Brands are below.

Click the name to browse their products.

ArteriorsCurry and CompanyRegina Andrew – Visual Comfort

Arteriors is a great lighting and accessories brand with unique pieces that have a modern twist.

Curry and Company is one of the best places to find classic lamps and lighting.

Regina Andrew is a brand with unique and interesting lighting designs as well as furniture.

Visual Comfort is a leading player in lighting. A design brand that is hands down a designer go to for lighting. A one-stop shop of high-end design classics as well as new and modern.

Every one of these brands is a designer’s GO-To for decorative lighting. You will be sure to find a ton of designer goods you’ll want.


Now for a few of my favorite Catalog Shops.  

Never underestimate what you can find in these shops either in person or online.  The key to getting a designer look is mixing in high end and less expensive pieces to get a cohesive design.  Who doesn't love a good bargain?

Williams Sonoma Home

There are great products on Williams Sonoma Home.  Their furniture and home decor is in line with high-end designer pieces. The shop by look section features designers-well-known for furniture pieces. 

In my experiences with their delivery all has gone well. They outsource the delivery to local drivers and each time I have a call prior to delivery and white glove in home delivery. Returns were quite easy as well.

Lucite Coffee table in a blue, yellow living room

Above is a William Sonoma Home Lucite coffee table in a Bachelor Condo Makeover I recently completed.  There are several pieces in this Soho Line.  I pulled them together below.

Ballard Design

Ballard is a “what you see is what you get” catalog store. The prices reflect the quality of the product for the most part. A bit pricey for some of the items for the quality. I wouldn’t suggest furnishing your whole house here, but with accessory items and cute decor here and there you can’t beat their prices.

Shop carefully.

Here are a few items I like


This is the over-the-top anything you are looking for – they have it site.

A little (or allot like Amazon).

 This is a great shopping opportunity for Fast Furniture. Like the counterpart Fast Fashion, Fast Furniture is not meant to last. It’s economically priced and you get what you pay for.  Could it be too good to be true to find a bar stool for $89.00? When you buy an $89.00 bar stool – you get an $89.00 bar stool! Don’t expect it to be something more than what it is. Wayfair is great for first time purchases an small spaces but definitely NOT something that will last.


Wisteria closed and has recently opened again. They are building up their catalog and I am hopeful to see the same unique quality products they had before.

They have many unique products, the pricing is appropriate and fair. They have a great selection of products you don’t find in every other catalog. I purchased the end tables in my guest bedroom from Wisteria and I love them.

Serena & Lily

You almost would have to live under a rock these days to not know of Serena & Lily. Seems everyone loves the look of Serena & Lily.   With their success of late apparently beach life and style is in.

A Cute beachy vibe for sure.

I’ve ordered furniture and linens from them. The furniture deliveries have been 50-50 good to bad. Delays, damages and customer service have been not so great in a few instances. Other deliveries have gone seamlessly.  The quality is great and the look is modern and part of current trends.  I worry though with their popularity soon too many people will recognize their exclusive products. Do you remember the “Friends” episode about Pottery Barn? If you don’t and want to Google it and get a good laugh.

Some of my favorite Serena & Lily Pieces are below. Click for more info.


Rejuvenation has been around since way back in the day!  A long time ago it was where to find unique lighting but has now grown to include rugs, furniture, antiques and more. They have gone through some changes over the years but are still a go-to for me for an industrial vintage vibe. Prices are across the board, some are good some are high, but a well-trusted source.

A few favorites are below just click for more info.

West Elm

Total fan here!  Sorry but I cannot lie. Again, it’s not anything I would use through an entire house. But I think the accessories are current, priced well, and cute. I’ve never left without purchasing anything. Prices are great for what you get.

My preference is to use vintage but not everyone agrees with that.  For just those people West Elm is here.

A few of my selects are below

 Love the West Elm Lighting! I may just get one of these for my house!

Crate & Barrel

Love it. Who doesn’t love an everything in one spot store? They have everything but not much furniture stays current season after season. 

On several occasions I have used pieces of C&B in my projects.

Here are a few of my go-to Crate and Barrel items.

I LOVE the material selection of this raffia desk!

Raffia and wood twist desk


Crate & Barrel’s more contemporary cousin. Same thoughts here but love their look. It’s more modern and has more of a NY City loft vibe but you can find all kinds of good stuff here. CB 2 is one of my favorite catalogs.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

I was originally surprised to find so many top furniture brands on Neiman Marcus site.

Might take you a minute to find the “HOME” tab on the menu, but it’s worth a look. Again, I have a love/hate feeling about the wide range of furniture they offer. Some are great and some I cannot even imagine who would Ever want or buy some of the pieces they offer. But still, a good place to look for designer furniture pieces.  They are one of the online vendors that carries Pallecek Furniture.

Neiman Marcus is a great place to start looking to get a feeling for pricing if you haven’t been shopping for furniture in a while – it can be a reality check.

The orders I have place through NM have had great delivery and once I had an item become discontinued while I had an order in. That was no fun, but other than that one instance the customer service has been great.

Shells, beads and rope chandeliers


One of my favorite sites for myself is Overstock.com  I have ordered a few items for clients from here and my own personal bed (that I still love, love, love) is a four-poster chrome bed with an upholstered headboard is from here.  At the time I paid $800.00 for it. With that said, shipping is free to you. Return shipping if it doesn’t work out is not free.

Please pay attention, I cannot stress how important making sure you are certain you like any item you are ordering online. 

You could easily end up paying double for something if you don’t like it and must pay shipping fees.

Restoration Hardware

I have saved this one for last. I cringe when any client even mentions the name.

Sorry, but I have nothing good to say about Restoration Hardware. We have all seen everything they have to offer ad nauseam. We all remember the telephone book catalogs. My opinion, for what it's worth is Restoration Hardware is overpriced crap. It's all oversized, imported junk. Sorry - not - sorry, Don't go there!

So there you have just a few of the Many brands we designers get to choose from on the daily. There are still hold outs in the industry, that still only cater to their loyal designers and clients. For how long that will last, who knows. Baker Furniture is one of the high-end brands that hasn't gone online. Neither has their sister company McGuire. And I had no idea that Bentley, you know the car company had a furniture line, Bentley Home. Hermes has an AMAZING furniture line that can be purchased online, but who would miss an opportunity to smell the leather in the store?

Thanks for sticking in with me..

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