Where to find transitional chandeliers for yourself.

Lighting is one of my favorite items to select for a space. Seems easy enough, right? What could be difficult about picking a light fixture, it’s such a simple task.

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But is it really?

There are so many things to consider when selecting lighting. 

Let's talk about chandeliers. Today's design aesthetic allows us to brighten up any space with a light fixture, and what could be more eye-catching and beautiful than an extraordinary chandelier?  

Chandeliers are beautiful and functional. A chandelier sets a tone of sophistication and attention to detail beyond the average can light or hideous builder-grade surface-mounted fixture. So you can set the mood, define your style, and bring on the bling with a fabulous chandelier. 

Today I’m sharing five chandeliers that I’ve used to amp up the design level in all rooms besides the dining room… 

1.  Strada Chandelier

Lately, I’ve had a fancy for things on the wild side. It could be because I have had the opportunity to use so many excellent light fixtures that when something new and different comes along, I’m immediately drawn to it. For example, I recently installed the Strada Chandelier in an entry for one of my clients, and it's a show stopper!   

kelly werstler sputnick fixture

With several finish options, this beauty is sure to make a statement. This fixture would be equally at home in a powder room, one of those rooms where you can go a little wild even if it's not in your nature. Find yours here.

Modern Bronze Chandelier

2.  Farlane Chandelier

The Farlane Chandelier is a flexible light fixture that seems to be at home in almost any setting.  I would use this chandelier in just about any room. This simple and stylish chandelier makes a subtle statement. In one recent project, I replaced two, dare I say, hideous ceiling fans with the Farlane Chandelier, and what an improvement! 

Living Room with beam ceiling and deco chandelier

It is available in two sizes and several finishes. Each is unique in that it changes the look and style of the fixture. Grab yours here.

See the full project pictured above HERE

unique chandelier deco style two tier

It is available in two sizes and several finishes. Each is unique in that it changes the look and style of the fixture. Grab yours here.

A few of my other favorite fixtures.

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3.  Nottaway Chandelier

5 light simple chandelier

I just LOVE this fixture. I've used it in a formal living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. It is a light and airy chandelier, perfect in so many places because it is simple, elegant, and practical. Amazingly, something so simple and beautiful can drastically change a space. Make it yours here. 

kitchen island with large chandelier

See the new construction home project pictured above HERE

A few of my other favorite fixtures.

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4.  Westwood Chandelier

Sadly, this OG chandelier, one of my favorites is no longer available. But I was able to find something similar to the one I've used over and over again! This pendant-style chandelier looks right at home over a kitchen island and just as gorgeous over a table. Get it here.

beautiful pendant light with shade

A few of my other favorite fixtures.

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traditional inset kitchen with pendant lights and counter stools

Take a peek at the entire Orchid Island new home construction project pictured above HERE

These two kitchens are completely different in style, yet the (OG) Westwood Chandelier looks great in both.
kitchen with stainless hood and pendant lights with shades

See the entire Millbrook, NY new home construction project HERE

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 5.  Scalloped Drum Chandelier

The scalloped Drum Chandelier has graceful curves and stylish sophistication. This updated take on a drum shade chandelier is simply elegant and would be a lovely addition to any bedroom. This fixture adds just the right charm to any space with soft, diffused light. Center it in a room or hang two beside a bed, a wonderful way to free up space on your night side table. Find yours here.

soft blue and white bedroom

See the full Orchid Island New Home Construction project pictured above HERE

and see the process on this blog post.

Elevate your living spaces by upgrading your lighting. The addition of a chandelier or decorative light fixture is reminiscent of functional jewelry in a room. Nothing can set a mood and add character to a room like a chandelier.

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