There are several styles freestanding of tubs

1. Traditional Style Tub

2.  Classic Style Tub

3.  Contemporary Style Tub

4.  Transitional Style Tub

4 Styles of Freestanding Tubs

Have you seen any good tubs lately?  

I’ve been working on several new construction projects lately as well as a few remodels.   Each new project starts with the same items to select list.  Check out this post with checklists I’ve created of what you need to select when building new construction home or renovating an existing home.  Critical for every project is selecting plumbing fixtures.  These days most people are looking for freestanding bathtubs for their Master Baths.  The choices are unlimited from size to shape to color to the material.  Everything you can imagine is available now.  

1. Traditional Look

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In the above oceanfront project, I used the Kohler Vintage Tub.  This is still a favorite of many of my clients and I specified it for a project I completed just last October.

kohler tub freestanding, jill shevlin design, vero beach home remodel, vero beach interior designer, vero beach decorate


Kohler Vintage Freestanding Bath Tub


Jill Shevlin Vero Beach  Interior Designer  Master Bath with Freestanding Kohler Vintage Tub


2. Classic Look

In an Orchid Island, home remodel  I specified a Waterworks Empire Tub.  Classic and simple, this tub will always be a good choice. 

This project was a full house renovation, to see the before and after photo read this post from 

An Orchid Island Vero Beach FL Home Remodel by Interior Designer Jill Shevlin, Master Bath Features a Freestanding Waterworks Empire Tub

A free standing waterworks tub, Jill Shevlin Design, Vero Beach Interior Designer, Home Renovation, Orchid Island

Waterworks Empire Tub


3. Contemporary Look

When we were building this New York home my clients had recently stayed at an ultra-luxury resort and fell in LOVE with the tub.  All it took was a little research and wa-la!  Same luxury resort feel in your own home. 

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer A modern open bath with a freestanding tub

Plazzo Island Tub

Vero Beach Interior Designer Jill Shevlin specifies plazzo free standinbg island tub, jill shevlin design, home remodel vero beach, vero beach new home, vero beach designer, decorate home vero beach4. Transitional Look

The number one priority for my clients when we were making selections for their new construction home in Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club was the floor in the bath.  He absolutely Fell in Love with the herringbone floor.  You know the saying Happy Husband Happy Wife (wink!)  All the rest of the pieces just fell into place from there.  They both were so happy with the way this bath turned out they hired me to duplicate the look, only slightly altered for a new home they are currently building in Pennsylvania.  I do love to travel!  

This is a transitional style that can go either contemporary or traditional.  

A Master Bath of a New Construction Home with a freestanding tub, in Orchid Island


a transitional bath in a new residence with a free standing tub

Kohler Archer Tub

I have been looking at so many tubs with my new projects these are some of my new favorites.  One of these you will see in photos in the near future.

Brushed Nickel Tub, Jill Shevlin Design Freestanding Tubs, New Home Construction Vero Beach, Remodel Vero Beach

The Pershore Cast Iron French Bateau Tub with BRUSHED ALUMINUM 

This is one sexy tub!  I get the feeling of days gone past with a contemporary vibe.  I am kindof digging it!

Free standing tub kohler

Kohler Memoirs Tub

I like this Kohler Tub, it’s clean, simple and yet a nod to tradition.


AMIATA Tub Victoria and Albert, Jill Shevlin Design, Tub Selections, New Home Vero Beach, Home Renovation Vero Beach, Bath Vero Beach, John's Island, Windsor Vero Beach, Orchid Island

Amiata Tub Victoria & Albert

Cool – Cool Tub!  Easy Breezy Simple and Clean.  Love it!


Keep an eye out for one of these in our photos soon.  


white free standing tubs


Fresstanding Tubs

The selections here are all made by me, but you should know that if you buy something through my links, we may earn a commission.