Real House Wife of New York Bethenny Frankels Artwork paul morris artist featured on Jill Shevlin Design Blog

I received an email today, one of a couple of hundred I have to sort through every morning.  98% of what I get is usually junk and I  delete it without even a look.  This moring though the subject on this particular email caught my attention – “Your Child is Picasso!”.  I don’t have children, unless you count my 3 dogs a kids (wink) so why in the world would that subject stop me from immediately deleting?  Who knows but I opened it up and the photo of a living room looked so familiar to me.  Well….for all my House Wives Fan Friends it didn’t take me long to realize it was Bethenny Frankel’s apartment that Ive seen so many times on the show.  My second fav franchise Beverly Hills being in the number one spot.  

The email was from the artist, Paul Morris who turned Bethenny’s daughters Art into Art for her walls.   Just thought I would share in the event anyone of you are raising a “Picasso” of your own.

Check out his website Here.  His Instagram Here.  Twitter Here