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As an award-winning South Florida interior designer, Jill Shevlin is a visionary who skillfully harmonizes patterns, furnishings, textures and finishes to create exquisite — but functional — high-end home designs. With a highly-collaborative approach, Jill serves homeowners in and around Vero Beach with next-level home transformations created at the intersection of exceptional innovation and unparalleled artistry.


Our portfolio showcases Jill’s striking talent in creating high-end residential interior designs for Florida homes by providing rich project descriptions and inspiring images. Residential interior projects include everything from modern entryways and sophisticated dining room spaces to intimate master bedrooms and serene bathroom designs.  

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In offering full-service Florida interior design services, we manage the end-to-end creative process from discovery to the final furnishings and finishes.  For more on our design process click here


Interior design is more than accessorizing or enhancing the beauty of your residential space — it’s an investment with immeasurable returns.

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Your Style is My Signature

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We specialize in designing tailer made homes with unrivaled sensibility and curated style.

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