12 Coastal Modern Bedroom Ideas

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Coastal modern bedrooms are super popular at the moment. Seems everyone is looking for a simple yet sophisticated, tranquil, beach bedroom retreat. Luckily coastal bedroom design is an easy look to create if you take into consideration the following ideas.

  1. Start with neutral colors
  2. Add texture with natural fibers
  3. Keep it minimal
  4. Add a coastal accent paint color
  5. The more white the better
  6. Keep pattern to a minimum
  7. Create a focal point
  8. Bring in Natural Elements
  9. Use modern light fixtures
  10. Consider adding mill work accents
  11. Select wall art with a coastal theme
  12. Make sure to utilize as much natural light as possible.

1 Start with a neutral color palette

It should come as no surprise that the number one tip for creating a coastal modern, beach retreat bedroom is to start with a neutral color palate. White walls are the perfect crisp and clean color selection to create a beautiful modern coastal master bedroom. Not only are they quiet but additionally the perfect backdrop to any coastal color accent. Light blues and seal glass colors are a great accent that pops against the light walls.

In this Bunk Room I designed for a client in John's Island just about everything is white.  White bunks, white walls, white shutters, white bedding.  It may be a room designed for kids (of any age - wink!) but it has a coastal feel with a simple white color palette.  

2 Add Texture

Nothing says coastal modern bedroom quite like plenty of textured surfaces. Honestly, I don't think there any way to add too much texture. Load up on the natural materials, a sisal or jute area rug is a great starting point. Bring in white furniture pieces and light woods and a dash of woven materials all mix to create a coastal design. Textured blinds or bamboo shades behind sheer billowy white casement draperies for a breezy fresh look. One of my all-time favorite beds is the Palecek Woodside four-poster bed, it is a show stopper that everyone likes and wants in their own home. It does come with a hefty price tag, but there is nothing quite like it and it is beautiful! There are many different beds that all have a coastal vibe, they may not be white, but they still offer quite the coastal charm. Check out these beds

3 Keep it Minimal

Lucky for all of us, the coastal look can easily be achieved by simply keeping things minimal. Everything you incorporate into a coastal modern design should be intentional and overall reflect a personal space that is calm and inviting. Reserve all the extra tchotchke's for another room and let restraint be the key.  

soft blue and white bedroom

In this master bedroom suite of an Orchid Island Home I designed minimal is the key.  A color scheme of whites and shades of blue create a simple yet sophisticated coastal modern room.

4 Add coastal accent colors

A great way to accent the all the white furniture is to add a beachy accent color. A great example is to use whites in the furniture, trim, bedding and draperies and accent with a pretty color blue or blue-green to reflect the colors of the ocean. Even beige's work well as a slight nod to the color of the sand and is a great neutral for any room. Try to avoid the use of darker colors that absorb light and opt for light bright colors that reflect light.

coastal modern beachy bedroom

The white furniture in this guest bedroom at a beach house is contrasted by the blue walls.

5 The more white the better

White walls, white sheer draperies, white furniture, it all can be fresh simple, and white. Just like we've discussed with the addition of texture, you cannot have too much white. Crisp white bedding can be easily accented with light blue accent pieces, in table lamps, decorative pillows, and art and accessories in the room.

white bedroom with blue accents

6 Keep patterns to a minimum

Save the vibrant prints for another room to capture the coastal simple modern spirit keep the patterns in fabrics to a minimum.  The idea is to keep the room tranquil and quiet, and large patterns should be reserved for other areas where you want to make a statement.

serene bedroom with river views

Small scale patterns, polka dots, and stripes are perfect for a tranquil calm retreat.  

7 Create a Focal Point

Generally, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom.  Easy take things up a notch with the addition of well-placed art above, or in between beds to create a complete moment and focal point.

blue and white two queen beds in a bedroom

8 Bring in Natural Elements

Bring in the sea shells, corals, and anything beach related.  Accents of natural elements properly placed are perfect in a coastal inspired design.  

The accent pillows in this guest bedroom are so amazing!  From F. Schumacher Embroidered with a blue and green sea life scene that includes crabs, coral, jelly fish and starfish.

The remainder of the room is neutral and the wave headboard  is just the little bit extra to get the coastal modern look.

embroidery detail on pillow with sea life
murex shell
blue coral on lucite stand
Nautical Balls
white coral on stand

9 Modern Light Fixtures

The look we are going for is a coastal modern style and nothing brings in a modern touch better than light fixtures. One idea is to hang pendant lights on either side of the bed instead of lamps. This does require planning and the extra cost of an electrician to add junction boxes in the right location but the look is high style and modern. Wall lamps would be another option to add modern lighting and can be achieved with light fixtures that plug in and do not require any additional electric work. My favorite option for coastal bedroom decor is to add a fabulous chandelier center stage in the room.

Soft green bed in a coastal modern bedroom with coral accents

10 Add Modern Millwork

Another great design detail would be the addition of millwork. What the heck is millwork you ask? Details! Yes, the Details! Millwork is technically defined as any wood that is fabricated in a mill. That's a pretty broad definition and would include just about all wood. Try to think of mill work as the details, all those little extra details you see, but they seem to just be part of the design and just work. Often in a beach house, you see bead board, shiplap walls, and wood panels and if you don't know, all of those applications are considered millwork. Generally trim and mill work is painted white, but it could be any color, the addition of millwork is perfect to get a modern coastal look. Although millwork is a very traditional detail in lots of ways it has become very popular and almost synonymous with coastal design.

White Bunk Beds with lighting

Shiplap walls behind the bunk beds add an architectural detail to the room.  Modern wall sconces in polished nickel add an extra touch of coastal modem to the room.

11 Select Art with a Coastal Theme

Almost all coastal decorating ideas include art and luckily the choices available are vast. Photographs of ocean waves, coral and seaweed prints, birds, beaches, turtles, and fish all can be used to add that coastal theme.

bedroom with giant sea shell pictures on the wall

12 Utilize as Much Natural Light as Possible

It pretty much goes without saying that sun, surf, and sand go together hand in hand. It's a good idea to incorporate the sun in any way possible and allow for as much natural light as possible in your bedroom design. Easy to do by keeping the window coverings to a minimum and allowing as much glass as possible for the sun to shine through.

guest bedroom with blue walls and twin beds

Ready to create a Coastal Modern Bedroom?  Below are some rooms I've put together that you can create on your own.

Coastal Modern Bedroom

Click any image below for more information

Modern Bedroom four post bed

A few more Modern Coastal Beach Bedroom pieces.

The Coral Gables poster bed from Lexington Furniture makes a grand statement, blending a louvered headboard panel with tapered metal posts and removable canopy frame finished in aged pewter.

Not your average dresser with a unique diamond patterned face the Reclaimed Lumber Anderson 3-Drawer Dresser is made in the USA with reclaimed fur and oak woods.

Just right to go with the dresser is the Lotus Sunburst Wall Mirror framed of carved lotus leaves this mirror adds classical appeal in a white finish.

Want me to put together the home you've always dreamed of?  Get in touch today.  

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Hopefully now you are ready to jump into a new bedroom.  Till next time!

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cool coastal accessories for the home

1-Blue Bead Light 2- Rope Balls 3- White Bead Chandelier 4- Sea Glass Mirror 5- White Wall Sconce 6- Blue and Beige Pillow