What's your Dining Chair Style?

A Personalized Approach

Hey there, design enthusiasts! It's Vero Beach interior designer Jill Shevlin, your go-to expert for personalized home renovation. Today, let's talk about a focal point in every dining room – the chairs. Finding your perfect dining room chair style can be a game-changer for your space. Let’s explore a casual yet insightful guide on how to define your dining room chair style.

1.  Start with the Foundation - Comfortable 

When it comes to defining your dining room chair style, comfort should be your starting point. I bet you thought I would say the look and style is the number one priority, but really if it’s not comfortable what’s the point?  Think about how much time you spend at the dining table and choose chairs that provide a cozy and inviting seat.

2.  Consider Your Table's Personality (long word for Look)

Your dining chairs should harmonize with your table. If you have a rustic wooden table, opt for chairs with complementary textures and finishes. For a sleek modern table, go for chairs with clean lines and contemporary flair.  They really are inseparable. 

3.  Mixing and Matching Materials

Get creative with materials! Consider mixing and matching different materials like wood, metal, or upholstery to add visual interest and personality to your dining space.  The very LAST thing you want to do is have a matching set.  I realize that is a challenge for many of you, but to get a designer look, you have to do designer things!

4.  Explore Upholstery Options

Upholstered dining chairs bring a touch of luxury and comfort. Think about your lifestyle – if you have kids or pets, choose performance fabrics that are easy to clean. Leather, vinyl or faux leather might be your best bet.  I’ve seen some very nice pleather that you can not tell from the real thing.  What my Mom and Dad used to call naugahydeide.  Funny the things that pop into your head.   I just looked it up and found the following:

Naugahyde®, the pioneer and premium brand in the coated fabrics industry, is dedicated to world-class surface pattern design and technical innovation resulting in products with superior quality, outstanding durability and exceptional performance. Our reputation as a technical innovator is evident by our leading-edge top coat finishes which offer remarkable stain and abrasion resistance. All Naugahyde products are proudly made in the U.S.A. at our Stoughton, Wisconsin manufacturing plant.  

I had NO idea it was a real thing!  

5.  Reflect On Your Own Personal Style

 Your dining room is an extension of your personality. Reflect your personal style through your chair selection. Whether it's coastal chic, bohemian vibes, or classic elegance, let your chairs tell your story.  I’m a fan of modern but am just as comfortable with an elegant upholstered chair.  

6. Measure and Scale Matters

 Size matters, especially when it comes to dining chairs. Check, double check, and then check again that the scale of your chairs complements the size of your dining table and doesn't overpower the space. 

Pro tip: Always leave enough space for easy movement around the table.

7.  Consider Versatility

Versatility is key, especially if your dining area serves multiple purposes. Opt for chairs that can transition seamlessly from family dinners to game nights or even a makeshift workspace.

8.  Stay True to Vero Beach Vibes

 Lastly, infuse a bit of Vero Beach charm into your dining room. Whether it's through coastal colors, natural textures, or locally-inspired design elements, make it uniquely your in Vero Beach.

Defining your dining room chair style is all about creating a space that feels like you. So, take your time, explore the options, and let your dining area reflect the essence of your personality. Happy chair hunting, friends!

Do you know your style when you see it?  Or does the home dictate the style of chair?  Either way here are some of my current favorite coastal modern dining chairs.  Most of these 12 Dining Chair styles are casual yet elegant.  All would be at home in a beach house or a modern farmhouse.  

12 dining char styles jill shevlin design vero beach interior desinger home furnishings coastal modern home farmhouse home

1- A simple rush chair with wood frame.  Perfect for a breakfast nook in a 

2- A touch of black is always a good idea,  Pair it with cane and it's a combo that works anywhere.

3 - Sophisticated Host Chair Fully Upholstered.  

4- A  parsons dining chair slightly less formal than the previous.

5- Modern Farmhouse dining chair.  Rush seat and back with a wood frame.

6- A more traditional take on a black and cane Dining Chair

7- Bobbin Chair!  Ohhhh,  how I love the way this looks!  Ball frame is fun and unique.

8- Nail heads make this dining chair a bit less formal, yet still a good looking version of a parsons chair.

9- Coastal Dining all the way with this natural fiber painted chair.

10- Contemporary casual.  Soft curves and hard metal lines this is a sweet seat!

11- Sleek curves of the wood frame and light upholstery make this contemporary chair a perfect transitional chair

12- How many versions of a black and cane chair can there be?  Love this one with the curved back.  

Check out some more Dining Chair options on my SHOP page where you can find many more styles to choose from.

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