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There are a number of ways in which to bring a touch of modern elegance into your room design. One of the easiest ways is to simply incorporate modern lighting for a stylish and functional upgrade. I always add layers to my designs and lighting is just one way in which to add a modern flair to any room.  

When building a custom home, lighting is part of the design plan. If you move into a home and do not have the opportunity to customize the lighting any number of light fixtures can be added to create a modern room.

Modern lighting can be included in your design in several ways.  Below are the categories of lighting that you can choose from to add a modern lighting touch to any room.

1.       Table & Floor Lamps

2.      Hanging Light Fixtures or Chandeliers

3.      Flush Mount Fixtures

4.      Recessed Light Fixtures

5.      Wall Sconces

6.      Linear Wall Light Fixtures

Table Lamps

A table lamp is any style of lamp that sits on an end table or side table that provides a great source of light for the room. Generally placed next to the living room sofa or in pairs on a console table behind a sofa providing a different source of light to a room. Below are a few styles of table lamps that you can find as modern light fixtures.

1.      Gourd Style Table Lamps

There is an incredible opportunity to add a bit of modern flair to your Living Room by carefully choosing the right table lamps in the room. Lamps are such an important aspect of every room that selecting the Perfect lamp can make or break a room. A common Go-To for designers is the gourd-style lamps. Simple, elegant, and timeless gourd lamps are available in hundreds of colors to coordinate or stand out in the room.

Navy Gord Style Ceramic Lanmp
Coral Double Gourd Lamp with off white shade
Green Gourd Lamp

2.      Crystal Lamps

Another stylish and chic addition to any room is a crystal lamps.  Crystal lamps are available in a variety of styles and sizes and price points. With a nod to traditional lighting designs of the past crystal, lamps can be bold and beautiful or subtle and subdued depending on the style.  For me they are the perfect addition to any space, quietly commanding attention.

Crystal Octagonal Lamp
Ballustrade Crystal Lamp
Crystal Table Lamp

3.      Unique Ceramic Lamps

Ceramic lamps can be found in every imaginable shape, color, size, and configuration. Glazed to the perfect color, dripped, dipped the variety is unbelievable. Shapes can range from oval to free form. The great thing about ceramic lamps is the wide variety of choices available.

Black Modern Lamp
Duffy Table Lamp
Parkwood Table Lamp

4.      Marble or Stone Lamps

Marble and stone lamp are going to be heavy, literally, they are made of stone. Marble and Stone lamps are beautiful specimens of the bounty of the earth and each is unique as no two pieces of stone are identical. A great option for the variety in color.  Although the idea of a  marble or stone lamp may sound old fashioned, trust me the choices in modern lamps is diverse.  

marble table lamp
Marble Stack Table Lamp with shade
Abstract alabaster lamp

5.      Glass Lamps

Simple and clean glass lamps can be used in almost any design style. Available in so many styles, a glass lamp  can be clear, colored, mirrored, mercury, etched, seeded and so many other options. 

green glass lamp
Beige glass lamp
glass globe lamp

6.      Leather Lamps

Add a bit of texture with a leather lamp. Nothing says lux like leather. A great option for a modern living room or office.

Forrest Green Leather Lamp
Leather And Brass Table Lamp

7.      Fluted and Ribbed Lamps

Adding texture as we’ve discussed is always a great idea for any modern room. Fluted and ribbed lamps are the opposite of sleek crystal and marble lamps. They are eye-catching and interesting.

Ribbed Table Lamp
Teardrop Glass Lamp
Gold Ribbed Lamp

8.      Wood Lamps

Available in dozens of sizes, configurations, and shapes wood lamps tend to sound rustic and the total opposite of modern but they can be the perfect option for a modern living room.

Vero Wood Table Lamp
wood metal and linen table lamp
tree trunk lamp

9.      Metal Lamps

Twisted and turned metal can be the most brilliant material for a modern lamp. With a wide variety in finishes from bronze to brilliant brass the options in metal lamps is endless.

Hammered Globe Lamp
Ribbon Metal Lamp
walwyn metal table lamp

10.   Floor Lamps

The styles to choose from in floor lamps are close to those of table lamps, only in a taller version meant to stand alone on the floor. There are many diverse floor lamps and most of them are stylish and functional while meeting any modern needs. 

Braded Tassel Floor Lamp
Gallo Floor Lamp
Metal Floor Lamp

Hanging Light Fixtures / Chandeliers

Hanging Fixtures or chandeliers provide overhead lighting and offer a way to add a unique design feature to any room. Traditionally chandeliers are reserved or thought of as dining room lighting however adding different types of fixtures in a formal living room is a great way to layer and incorporate different levels of lighting.

The perfect addition to any room with high ceilings, chandeliers are a good idea to achieve an ambient glow in a room. Below are several versions of chandeliers.

11.  Hanging Drum Shade

As the name implies a hanging drum shade is a fabric shade hung from the ceiling. I’ve seen some terrible hanging shade light fixtures and then I’ve seen some amazing ones. A simple and elegant way to add ambient lighting hanging shade fixtures are subtle and easy to add to almost any design. They can be found with patterns or just crisp white what ever is your personal style.

scalloped hangning drum shade chandelier
drum shade chandelier with wood frame
tripple level drum shade chandelier

12.  Crystal Drop

Add a little bling to brighten things up. A crystal hanging light is so glamorous! Today there are so many versions of crystal chandeliers that the classic (or old-fashioned) picture you have in your head is not what you will find out there today. Crystal prisms illuminate with refracted light that is both beautiful and brilliant. A dramatic statement in any space.

Crystal Drop Chandelier
Crystal Bead Drop Chandelier
Hailee Sculpted Chandelier

13.  Bead Fixture

The modern bead chandelier is a new version of the crystal chandelier. A very trendy light fixture that can be found in a huge variety of materials from wood beads, to beach glass.

Turquoise Swirl Bead chandelier
blue ombre wood bead chandellier
Turquoise Quartz Chandeleir

14.  Glass Chandelier

The Glass chandelier is another updated version of a past predecessor. Available in various sizes, 6 light to 8 light and more glass chandeliers are beautiful and have a great presence without stealing the show.

Glass Chandelier
Clarice Glass Chandelier
Brigitte Glass Chandelier

15.  Orb Style

The Orb style fixture is another popular style today. Orb or round there are tons of styles to choose from spiky sputnik to glass. This will defiantly be a scene stealer in any room.

Alberto Orb Chandelier with beads
Kepler Orb Chandelier
Isabel Chandelier

16.  Cascading Chandelier

With various levels, the cascading chandelier is a beautiful style of light fixture that carries your eye around as the fixture drops. The perfect fixture for a modern living room with tons of character and movement.  Cascading light fixtures can be found with glass, metal, and crystal drops that provide just the right amount of edge for the modern lifestyle.

Jane Large Ofset cascading chandelier
Iron and glass cascading chandelier
Glass gobe cascading chandelier

17.  Pivoting Chandelier

Like an art installation in lighting a pivoting chandelier is able to change with your mood.  Each level can be set at your desired location for a semi-custom look.

Pivoting Modern Chandelier
articulating chandelier

18.  Linear Chandelier

Rigid and simple a linear chandelier looks lovely over a dining table. Simple and functional. I have installed a linear chandelier over a dressing table in a closet and it looks fab!

linear cage chandelier
longhope chandelier linear
Sentinelli chandelier linear brass light fixture

19.  Cluster Chandelier

With several shades on various levels, the cluster chandelier is similar to a cascading fixture but appears more like several fixtures in one.

Tear Drop Cluster Chandelier
Muriel Cluster Chandelier
Moorisgate Mulit Pendant cluster

20.  Articulating Fixture

Similar to the pivoting chandelier the articulating chandelier is adjustable and meant more for function than looks.

Brindle Articulating Linear Chandelier
Articulating Chandelier
Ralph Lauren Triple arem articulating chandelier

21.  Mixed Hybrid Chandelier

If you can’t put it in a category call it a hybrid. A Hines 57 of light fixtures, a little bit of anything mixed together.

Round Chandelier with center lights
modern Metro Chandelier
mulit light with black shade directional chandelier

22.  Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are small, usually single bulb ceiling lights. Pendant lights are a popular selection as task lights over a kitchen island. Pendant lights, like most lighting, can be found in a variety of styles. Many pendant lights are a simple design and have a clear glass shade, but more often now there are many choices in shades and styles of fixtures.

Glass Pendant Light
Nickel and Glass Hanging Pendant Light
Modern Glass and Brass Pendant Light

Ceiling Mount Light Fixtures

Ceiling-mounted lights are generally placed in the center of the room and provide a light source from above. An excellent choice for a low ceiling.

23.   Flush Mount Fixtures

Flush Mount Fixtures are mounted directly to the ceiling. A flush mount fixture directs light downward and is the perfect option for small rooms and low ceilings. 

FLush Mount Light Brass with glass cover
Veranda woven flush mount light
Tear drop flush mount light

24.  Semi-Flush Mount - 

Similar to a flush mount a semi-flush mount fixture has a drop of several inches off the ceiling which allows for light to flow up and down. 

Carmen semi flush mount light
cachet pendant semi flush mount light
Crown style semi flush mount light

Recessed Light Fixtures

Recessed lights or overhead lights are a good option to light a whole room. Discrete and small can lights are functional and should be put on a dimmer switch to allow the intensity of the light to be controlled.

25.   Recessed Can lights

A staple in lighting a recessed can, or puck light is not a design element and more a functional fixture that provides general lighting.

can light

26.  Directional Recessed Lights

A version of the recessed can light a directional recessed light can be used to illuminate art or shine directly to make a focal point of any area the light is directed at.

Directional Can Light

27.  Linear Recessed Lights

Linear recessed lights are very modern and can be utilized in many ways.  A design can be created with the lights, they can be installed in equal spacing to create a continuous lighting effect.

Image from Lightology

28.  Cove Lighting

Hidden behind trim cove lighting is ambient lighting that illuminates and washes the ceiling.

Insert Image

29.  Up Lighting

Up lighting is another form of ambient lighting that can be used to bring attention to an object or to wash a wall to accent any space or object.

Insert Image
Insert Image
Insert Image

Wall Lights - Sconces

Wall lights or sconces work well in the bathroom as functional lighting. In a dining room, hallway, or modern living room wall sconces add next level of lighting design in the Living Room.

30.   Directional or Articulating

Mounted on the wall directional or articulating wall sconces are generally task lighting used as reading lights that can be moved and adjusted to a position that is comfortable for use.

Insert Image
Insert Image
Insert Image

31.   Ambient Wall Sconce

A light fixture is mounted on the wall to give off ambient or general lighting. Decorative and functional wall sconces are a design element that adds to any modern living space. 

Insert Image
Insert Image
Insert Image

These are just a small sampling of what is out there in the world of lighting.  Adding a modern touch to any room is as easy as getting the correct lighting.  

Hope you found something useful here.  Till next time


Collection of pendant light fixtures
chandeliers made of beads, rope and rattan

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