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The home of your dreams isn’t that far out of reach. Styling, curating, and designing a custom-made Vero Beach home is possible - all it takes is the right vision. By incorporating high-end design elements into your freshly-minted space, you’ll create a home that reflects your unique expression. Curious to learn more? Experiment with these stunning ideas to garner inspiration for your new beachside pad.

Modern Opulence With a Bright Twist:

Luxurious Interior Design Ideas

Believe it or not, elevating a space is simple. The structure is already intact, and you already have the perfect canvas to work with. Now, it’s about incorporating opulent design into your already-beautiful Vero Beach home. These easy-to-implement design ideas will infuse elegance into your home, making it the paradisal getaway you’ve always dreamed of.

1.Modern Ceiling Chandeliers

unique designer chandeliers

Let’s face it - lighting makes or breaks your space. This is why you need a modern, bright, and eye-catching chandelier for your new home. Chandeliers are the gateway to a gorgeous home. Install one in your entryway, or in your main living room

2. Accent Walls

contemporary office with wood paneled wall

Accent walls offer limitless potential, allowing homeowners to be as creative as they wish in the interior design process. Create a focal point with a custom wood wall.  Go bold with a metallic accent wall, or enlist an artist to design a mural of your choosing.

3. Mixed Textiles

a variety of materials in your interior

This is your space, and you reserve the right to be daring with your design. Mixed patterns or textiles offer a unique flare to any Vero Beach home.

4.  Built-In Bookshelves

Open up any space by installing built-in bookshelves on your walls. This refreshing, innovative, and space-friendly option gives your home a warm, modern edge. You can even color-coordinate your books for extra intention. Or, use your wall-in bookshelf for plants, photos, or sculptures to showcase meaningful antiques.

Choose Luxury With Jill Shevlin Design

Jill Shevlin has been innovating luxury-home designs for the homeowners of Vero Beach for over 20 years. With her finger on the pulse of modern trends in interior design, Jill’s unique eye is highly regarded by thousands of Vero Beach residents. Ready to maximize your space and create a stunning beachside home?

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