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7 Coastal Inspired Designs that are Anything but Average

Design life in a beach community could easily lead one to think of cute coastal beachy decorating. 

Coastal design does not have to be cute all beachy.

Over the years I have done my fair share of coastal design, and there is no doubt that shells, sea life, and botanicals are a big part of coastal design.  All of these are go-to favorites of mine.  I do try to keep my coastal design to a Traditional Tone and a sophisticated vibe.   Here are some designs I have created over the years that are coastal, but elevated design with a nod to coastal.

sophisticated coastal design jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

The truth of the matter is that there is no way for anyone living in a Coastal Community to get away from beach inspired themes, entirely.  Obviously, if you live near the beach, you must appreciate at least some part of beach style or life.  There is little chance if you live near the ocean pieces will not  find a way into your home.  We have all seen homes and rooms gone awry with beach theme OVER-LOAD!  It is easy enough to do if you let yourself. I have been guilty myself on occasion. A good rule to live by… Always… is “less is more”.  Let the items you have that speak “beach” be subtle and sophisticated enough to get the idea without the overwhelm.

1.  Green Sea Shells

Copy of Jill Shevlin Design Coastal Family Room Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator

The Family Room of this Windsor Vero Beach home is a casual spot off the Kitchen.   A room that combines a Breakfast eat-in area, TV watching as well as simply relaxing.  The only true coastal element in the room is the fabric with printed seashells that coordinates with the striped sofa.  The chairs are in a dark rattan frame and a worn wood coffee table is in the center.  

2.  Blue and White with Sea Horses

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Coastal Casual Chic Traditionl Dining Room Blue and White

The Dining Room of this condominium has Ocean to Intercoastal views in Jupiter Island, Florida.  Simple blue and white striped slipcovered dining chairs at a plank top table are traditional and casual.  The only coastal reference other than the amazing views are the two oversized seahorse prints on the walls.

3.  Casual Floating Shells

Jill Shevlin Design Navy Coastal Family Room Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator

Blue and White is a favorite color combo of mine and for this Guest House Living Area went with a blue sofa and tonal blue with small white striped chairs.  The Framed Shell art brings in a touch of coastal in an otherwise simple room.

4.  Coastal Glam

Jill Shevlin Design Coastal Hall and Bedroom Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator

 A beautiful Seagull Audubon Print is over scaled and dramatic at the end of a formal hallway and a major focal point.  The Hallway leads to the master bedroom that is a beautiful and serene retreat with simple shell botanical s surrounding the bedside lamps.

5.  Coral and Mahogany Bedroom

Jill Shevlin Design Coastal Bedroom Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator

Coral and white bed linens are crisp and clean in a Master Bedroom that is also home to a sealife-inspired print on the lounge chair.


6.  Sea Weed Series Stacked

Jill Shevlin Design Coastal Family Room Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator
 In this Family Room overlooking the ocean, a series of framed seaweeds bring a pop of color and coastal to the traditional blue and beige room anchored by a beautiful plaid rug. 

This beautiful home is currently for sale and not much has changed from the original installation day.  Check out the sales flyer here

7.  Purple Sea Fans in Silver Frames

Jill Shevlin Design Purple Family Room Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Decorator

 Purple is the favorite color of the lady of the house.  Rather than paint the walls a strong color the walls were kept neutral to allow the sea fans framed in a silver and the intricate seashell lamp to be front and center in this Living Room.  This house was featured in the magazine I produced and can be seen in its entirety here on the Home Life & Design website

Amanda Lindroth  

Hope you get some useful inspiration from some of my coastal designs.  Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to sign up for my newsletter!  Till next time….

Jill Shevlin Design

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