Bedrooms are easily one of my favorite spaces to design.  They seem to come together quickly and without much torturous thought or problems involved.  Not Always the case, but the majority of the time they are fun and easy to take care of.  There is the ever-so-slight possibility that because the bedroom always out number the main spaces – I have designed my fair share.  Here is a small mix of various bedrooms I have done over the years.


I have used this wood framed bed woth an upholstered headboard a number of times.  It seems to transition well in a contemporay or traditional setting.


I am  not usually a big fan of tailored valances but in this case the valance serves a purpose in hiding a drop down TV screen.



I designed upholstered walls for this Master Bedroom.   I wanted to create a cohesive staement wall.  To accomplish that the doors to the room behind which was home to the closet and an exercise room were upholstered in the same suede material as the fully upholstered wall.  Mirror panels lighten up the room and also reflect the view and fireplace.  I designed the cabinet at the foot of the bed which holds a TV that swivels to watch from bed or the seating area in front of the fireplace.


Here’s that bed I like again!  This time a more contemporary setting in a guest bedroom.  A grey flannel fabric was used on the headboard and accented with pillows in a fabric from Gabrith & Paul.


Upholstered Headboard in Blue Velvet White Wood FrameAhhh, I just love this bedroom!  It’s hard to see but I did a white on white stripe on the wall and wiht the pop of the blue velvet this room is just breath taking in person!



Twin Four Poster Mahagany BedsA bedroom for twin girls.  I had these twin poster beds made for my client in her former home.  Since then she moved and her daughter had twins.  The beds made the move to the new house and turned out to be the perfect fit for her grand daughters.



Mahogany West Indies Style Four Poster Bed



Rattan Bed with Sea Life Pillows




White Four Poster West Indies Style Bed


Floral Pattern Pillows on Four Poster Mahogany British West Indies Bed



Floral Fabric Uphlstered Bed



Grass Cloth walls Floral Print Bedding


Red and Yellow Bedroom Iron Headboards



Seal Life Draperies Cabana Stripe Yellow Walls



Navy Blue Walls Sea Horse on Walls




Ralph Lauren Mahogany Four Poster Bed



Beachy Kids Bedroom



French Guest Bedroom Raffia Headboard



Oceanfront Master Suite



Asian Accents with British West Indies Four Poster Bed



Seashells and Patchwork Quilt