One of my favorite things about working as an interior design is getting to see and share the transformation of a home after a renovation.  The photo above is the After of a project I did a short time ago.  Bold and colorful for sure, but I don’t think you can really appreciate the After until you see the Before.  My clients wanted this room to be a, just about everything room.  It needed to function as an Office, Dining Room and a TV room.  That is no doubt a tall order for a small(ish) room.  I managed to get it all in and function as well as look amazing! 

First things first – we gutted the place!  Out with everything including the windows. The stone floors are the only thing that remains from the original room.

In order to accommodate the wish list of items I designed the new cabinetry to have as much storage as we could.  Flanking the sofa are open shelves with file cabinets below on each side.  You can’t see in this photo but there are open shelves above the sofa and at the top of the side cabinets.  On the opposite side of the room is a built in that hides the TV / Desk area behind Sliding doors.  When the TV is exposed, the panels slide to cover the open shelves with more drawer storage below. 

The 54″ round Dining Table from Hickory White is and intimate place for 4 to eat or play games but the table is expandable with the addition of a 24″ leaf to 78″.   

Check  –  Check & Check for all the items on the wish list!

In addition to checking all the items I added architectural interest with beams on the ceiling.  Without hesitation I painted every piece of trim and built in a beautiful red!  So pretty! 

Lighting was important to address as there was no recessed lights or any source other than lamps.  We added a chandelier in the middle of the room and sconces to highlight the book shelves and swing arm lamps for reading on each side of the sofa.

Well there you have it, the transformation of a boring den to a colorful room for all your needs!  Hope you like it.





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