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A Living Room Renovation

Millwork Makes a Difference

A Traditional Living Room with West Indies Accents White Millwork Faced Fireplace Renovation


This is one of my favorite renovation reveals.  New furniture, paint, draperies, but honestly the major impact comes from the addition of millwork facing the fireplace.  The room transformed from an old lady lounge to a chic casual living space that you would not be afraid to actually “live” in.  My clients wanted a carefree easy room that they didn’t have to worry about kids coming in from the pool, dogs, eating in the room….you know, Living in your Living Room.  The simple natural fiber rug grounds the seating area while providing a great texture and easy carefree rug.  Soft billowy cotton sheer draperies frame and soften the double doors out to the patio.  Brown sofas are in a pet-friendly brown chenille with bright Ikat pattern pillows.  The fun curves of the rattan chairs are just the hint playful and fun.  The millwork added to the fireplace brought in just the right amount of architectural details.  Vintage rattan shelves, Asian garden stool and bird prints bring it all together.  

You don’t need the same actual pieces to get the look.  Here are some inspiration ideas to get the same casual look.


The Before photo of a Living Room Renovation with Mill work details added to the fireplace