Why I offer custom upholstery.

I can promise you this one thing - 

You may have to wait for custom furniture to be built, but you’ll spend less time designing your furniture than you would be visiting any number of furniture stores to find the “right” item.

It is bewildering that people put value on designer fashion, cars and countless other items but don't show the same appreciation for the furniture they use every day.  Unless you are accustomed to purchasing custom furniture, I know what you are thinking, Custom Furniture, sounds a bit over the top and unnecessary. Likely you may be saying to yourself, "why would I even consider any custom furniture when I can just go to Restoration Hardware and get something."  Well, let me tell you why.

The key word here is Custom.

Custom - adjective: custom

made or done to order for a particular customer.

"a custom guitar"

It is all about designing something and getting Exactly what you envision. It is also about getting your custom-designed and custom made furniture to scale and fit perfectly in the room it was designed for.  As well as creating furnishings that will last well into the future; possibly even becoming an heirloom.  

Equally important is the craftsmanship and quality construction. Custom made furniture is truly special - it is made for you and only you in a size and design of your choice. It is not something mass-produced and available to everyone.  Upholstery that is constructed and made to your specifications.  You won't see the same item in your neighbor's house. Equally important are the relationships built between professionals. The trust factor that is built from a long time working relationship.   Local craftsmen who will be there and stand behind their products with pride.

These are just a few of the many reasons I choose work with local craftsman to fabricate custom upholstery. Sure, I do work with all the furniture manufacturers that offer finish options for case goods, which technically could be considered custom, but I think of it more as options than custom.  Picking a finish for a table is not custom.  

Besides, to create an entire home of custom-made furniture, but with budgets and time constraints I work in ready-made furniture along with custom sofas, chairs, and other upholstery pieces. I always fabricate custom-made sofas for all my clients. With custom made I have 100% control over every aspect of the piece of furniture, and this eliminates problems, stress and not knowing what will arrive after 16 plus weeks from a furniture store.

Below are the top nine reasons I only sell custom sofas and upholstery.

1. The Perfect Fit

2. Comfort

3.Custom Styled

4.Construction and Craftsmanship



7.Time Investment

8.Support Local

9.Personal Service

1. The Perfect Fit

When it comes to the perfect fit, custom furniture manufacturers and workrooms may be the only way to go! Not only can you control the depth, the pitch of the back, the cushion content, the shape of the arm, and the skirt style, among a countless list of other things, but you can also ensure that your individual needs and desires are met. Plus, as an added bonus, you can rest assured that you are not taking a gamble on a piece of furniture that might disappoint. After all, no one likes to feel “sofa-shamed”.

2. Comfort

The number one most important factor for every client I have worked with is comfort. Comfort is Key!  How do you make the "perfect" sofa for everyone? There is no such thing! Everyone's idea of comfort is different and shaped by a number of factors. A firm seat, a soft seat, down, no down, deep seating, shallow seating everyone wants something special. Custom-made is the best way to accommodate every need.

The coziness of your interior space depends on how comfortable your furniture is. Hence, you should not only ensure that these items are part of an overall design plan but also stunning. By creating custom furniture, you can choose the degree of comfort that you would want in your furniture. A great way to make sure custom furniture is comfortable for you is to work with the workroom and "tush" test several seats and backs to make sure it's a perfect fit for you.

3. Custom Styled

Often the requests and desires of clients are not available in ready-made furniture. Custom furniture is uniquely yours. If you want matching his and hers club chairs, but for her comfort, hers is slightly smaller we can do that. Does she prefers a hard seat and he insists on a down seat, we can do that. Do you want a custom sofa that is only 60 inches wide, and arm less for your living space we can do that. Should you need larger pieces than Pottery Barn offers, it can be done. Custom is custom and made for you.

custom upholstery tufted sleeper sofa in blue room

4. Construction & Craftsmanship

Furniture makers are craftsmen and artisans with years of experience. They take pride in every piece they make and the attention to detail is apparent and quality control is built in. Attention to detail ensures that the finished product meets your expectations. Remember, when you pay for custom furniture, you get long-lasting quality at the same time.

Making Custom Upholstery In progress
Craftsmanship of custom sofa Hand Tied Springs in a sofa custom upholstery
Process of custom buitl upholstery a new sofa buit with craftsmanship

5. Quality Materials

Unlike mass-produced products, custom pieces are made with high-quality materials. Hardwood frames are made by hand with hand-tied springs, a labor-intensive art that retail stores just do not provide. You may think the $999.00 sofa on the internet is a great price but is it if you have to replace it in 3 years for another sofa for perhaps even more?

6. Good Value

Instead of thinking of short-term costs, think long-term value. Custom furniture tends to be more durable, so you’ll get more years of use from that furniture. No doubt a custom piece is a significant investment and initially a higher price, but as with most investments they pay over time. You will likely never need to purchase another sofa. Even if you tire of the fabric or it gets worn the bones of the sofa are still solid. Reupholstering is simple and also can allow if you choose to make changes to update the piece.

Reupholstering is a Great way to up cycle and reuse existing pieces.

7. A Better Time Investment

You may have to wait for custom furniture to be built, but you’ll spend less time designing your furniture than you would be visiting furniture stores to find the “right” item. The lead time to receive products these days from a retail store on average is beyond anything we've ever known 16 plus weeks. Custom-built high-quality furniture can often take less time in some cases.

BAKER Reeded Base Sofa

8. Buy Local

 Purchasing custom-made furniture also supports local small businesses. Small businesses and local vendors are so much more likely to have outstanding customer service. This may not seem like a big deal until you need something taken care of in the future. Instead of pouring your money into large furniture companies that do not know you or care about your needs, support local businesses by working with craftsman. You can encourage the local economy by spending your money on local products. An added benefit you will save on shipping costs. A delivery fee from in-town is much less than shipping from out of state.

9. Personalized Service 

When you buy custom, you expect a far better customer experience than the experience of online shopping. The entire process is personalized, starting with your designer who chooses the style and fabric to the artisan that creates the piece.

All of the above are integral to creating an exceptional experience of full-service interior design. When you work with an Interior Designer you will discover a journey in luxury, craftsmanship, and the creativity of design. Beautifully designed and well-thought-out homes do not just happen. Trust in your designer and the process. When you do not only will you be glad you did, you will be thrilled with the results. You get to relax with the confidence that your design professional will handle all the messy little details that you likely will make mistakes if not fret about for days.

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