5 Expert Tips for a Powder Room Revamp

I was asked by the Real Estate website REDFIN last week to give my thoughts on the littlest room in the house, the Powder Room for an article they wanted to post online 

"Expert Tips For Revamping an Outdated Powder Room."

Not one to shy away from giving my two cents, I was more than happy to give one idea.  Depending on your budget and desired outcome here are some of the tips from myself and other designers to transform you Powder Room.  

I've created some amazing Powder Rooms over the years, it's just a shame that they are so small, it is beyond difficult to take (good) photos of them!  I have a few that were major tranformations.  Check them out below.

This Powder Room was a makeover.  Everything stayed the same, we just Revamped it!

Powder Room Revamp 


Powder Room Makeover Jill Shevlin Design

We didn't want to do any Major work in this Powder Room.  Simple Solutions - I had the cabinet refinished to match the new wallcovering and kept the original sink, fixtures, and mirror.  The sconces and cabinet hardware are all new.  I accessoirzed with my clients collection of perfume bottles and there you go.


Powder Room Revamp Before Jill Shevlin Desgin

Below is the REDFIN Blog article in it's entirety along with one of my own Powder Room Revamps.  For more from REDFIN Click HERE

Experts Reveal Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

Whether your powder room is looking dull and outdated, or you just have an itch to change things up, a powder room remodel can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. And since powder rooms tend to be smaller, you have the added design freedom to play around with bold colors, patterned wallpaper, and even different lighting fixtures or hardware to make the space pop. To help you revamp your outdated powder room, we reached out to experts from San Francisco, CA all the way to Miami, FL for their expertise. Here are their best tips and advice for the ultimate powder room remodel:


 to create a cohesive aesthetic

Grab your inspiration source and let it set the tone for the rest of the space's design concept. 

For example, if you are in love with a specific vessel bowl sink that you want to incorporate into the design for your powder room, start with that and then work on coordinating the other elements in the bathroom with that fixture. It will allow for a more harmonious concept and ensure that your selections work together for a visually aesthetic completed project while guaranteeing you get the products that excite you. - Amanda Esh, Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center

2.  The powder room is the perfect place to


Let your creativity flow with an accent wall.

For your powder room remodel, try introducing an eye-catching accent wall with a pop of color, geometric tile, or printed wallpaper. Complete the space with a statement vanity light that illuminates your personal style. - Lamps.com

Use statement tiling.

The powder room is the one place where you can have a little fun – be bold and playful or simple and serene. But either way you go, it’s a place to allow your creativity to come out and create a big impression in a small space. Consider adding a beautiful and impactful statement tile on the wall behind the sink. - PDG Studios

Create a gallery wall.

A powder room is a great place to showcase your personality by putting together a gallery wall. Since there's no bathtub or shower, humidity isn't a problem. Choose artwork that speaks to you, and don't be afraid to go from floor to ceiling on the feature wall. - Room to Design

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little.

You can choose more precious, and higher-end products like great tile or custom wallpaper on a highlighted wall with a powder room remodel. Most powder rooms have smaller walls, making sense to splurge on the materials you use in this space. Less is more in a powder room, and the pieces you choose should be bold and stately. - Gabby

3.  Wallpaper can

MAKE all the difference (and A MAJOR STATEMENT)

Nothing transforms a space more dramatically than a bold wallpaper

With countless designs and even removable wallpaper options on the market, it's easier than ever to elevate a drab, dark space into something eye-catching, artistic, and unique. - Coddington Interior Design

Create a feature wall behind the toilet using patterned wallpaper.

Pick up a color from the pattern to paint the rest of the bathroom and use that same color for a new frame for your mirror or hang a chandelier from the ceiling. - Inverness Design Build Group Ltd.

Wallpaper is a simple way to make a lasting impression. 

Due to its small size, a powder room is the one area in the house where you can live out your decorating dreams - nothing will break the budget or be revisited in time. Feel free to go bold with color or a statement wallpaper to make a big impact in a small room. - Jill Shevlin Design

Powder Room Revamp Jill Shevlin Design

In this Powder Room Revamp we did Everything!  The only original item that remains is the wood floor.  Instead of an accent wall with paint or paper, I opted for a stone feature wall.  Laser printed Carrera Marble.  Don't you just Love it?

You can read all about the entire home remodel in a post I did HERE


Before and After Powder Bath Jill Shevlin Design

4.  Don’t forget about FIXTURES

Ditch outdated fixtures.

Nothing screams dated as much as old, tired fixtures in your powder room. Think of the lighting, faucet, and cabinet hardware as the jewelry. By adding stylish new fixtures, you’ll have a stunning new look in your powder room without breaking your budget. - Organized by Design

Absolutely spend on updating your plumbing fixtures. 

Plumbing fixtures have undergone significant improvements, and they are worth the upgrade factor. Go bold with your walls; if they are light now, go dark – and if they are dark now, go light. - Studio M Interior Design

5.  The ultimate powder room remodel isn’t complete without UPGRADE lighting and flooring

Lighting is the jewelry of the home

So whether you want to make a statement or enhance the new colors you’ve remodeled with, try a fixture that offers just as much visual style as it does lighting balance to give the room an entirely complete finish. - Laura Lee Designs


Well-placed statement lighting above the vanity is essential

Nothing is worse than walking into a powder bathroom with vanity lights that cast shadows over your face. I recommend installing a pair of sconces (or two hanging pendants) on each side of the mirror, so the bulb is about 63" above the floor to ensure that your face is well-lit. It's okay to find sconces or pendants that are a bit more decorative in a powder room than you would hang in a larger bathroom. - Rebecca Quandt Interiors


Change up the flooring. 

It doesn't matter if you choose tile or wood; changing the flooring material in your powder room from the adjacent rooms will lend itself to generating visual interest that will catch your eye - tre Designs

Originally published by Redfin by

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: 

Experts Reveal Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

Whether your powder room is looking dull and outdated, or you just have an itch to change things up, a powder room remodel can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. And since powder rooms tend to be smaller, you have the added design freedom to play around with bold colors, patterned wallpaper, and even different lighting fixtures or hardware to make the space pop. To help you revamp your outdated powder room, Redfin reached out to us and other experts from San Francisco, CA all the way to Miami, FL for our advice. Check out what we had to say in the full article below for the ultimate powder room remodel:

Experts Share Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

5 Expert Tips for a Powder Room Revamp
Jill Shevlin Design 5 Expert Tips for a Powder Room Revamp

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Wood decorative balls jill shevlin design shop accessiores
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Four Poster Master Bed Shop Home Decor and Furniture Jill Shelvin design
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Vero Beach Designer in California Reno Story

Rancho Santa Fe, California Remodel 

When I got the call to come to California to help my long time clients with a home they were contemplating purchasing, I jumped on the first flight out of Florida to see what was in store. There really is nothing better than working with clients you have a history with. It's just easier - all the stuff I usually have to figure out along the way, likes, dislikes, color preferences, and the like I already know.

I had no idea what the new house was going to look like, I was going in blind.

To make things even more interesting my clients were relocating from the East Coast to the West Coast.


They had sold the previous home which we designed together completely furnished.

All they were bringing with them to California were their two Bernese Mountain dogs, their art collection and a piece or two of furniture that was sentimental to them.

Warm Tones and Easy Living in a California Formal Living Room Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

 By the way, did I mention the design style of the new (to them) California house?

It was a mix.

Not one particular style, but a combo of Spanish meets California, blended with, a little bit of everything.

Nevertheless, it was definitely cute, charming and had "great bones" as many like to say.  Additionally, it had been updated in many areas, but not quite...how does one say, to the taste level of..ehm...everyone.

Spanish, Traditional was quite a departure in style for my clients whose previous home in New York was a Modern Farmhouse. Well, more modern than farmhouse but, it happened to be situated on a large plot of land consisting of 88 acres of land with amazing views just 2 hours north of New York City.

We had worked together to build and design the East Coast Modern Farmhouse back 2008 to 2009.

Suffice to say, as we walked through the new CA house it was apparent we had a little bit of a challenge on our hands.

Marching Orders

Marry Modern Farmhouse, in a storybook, Spanish, meets California mixed traditional Hinz 57 house.

No problem!

Oh, and of course, we were on a deadline as well. Oh goodness yes, what fun would a remodel be without a deadline?

It shouldn't go without noting that this project was done, for the most part remotely.  

I live in Vero Beach, Florida, and the project was in California.  Not a problem.  

I have found that out of town work is much easier than those projects at home.  I have to be 100% prepared and organized, as do my clients.  We tend to get things done quickly - because we have to.


Rancho Sante Fe CA remodel by Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

The stage for the house was set at the entry.

A pair of large scrolled iron and glass double doors greet you at the entrance to the Rancho Santa Fe house.

Situated in the neighborhood of Fairbanks Ranch, a lovely little area north of San Diego.

Full disclosure - I am a completely in love with California!  I had only visited LA once prior to this trip but know I would be back.  Now I'm working  on a plan that gets me out of Florida in the summer to spend it in CA.  Who knows when or if it will come to fruition -  but a girl can dream - right?

The entry is large and the perfect junction between room several rooms.

On the left upon entering was a formal Dining Room. To the right and two steps, down is a large Formal Living Room.  Straight ahead you walked into the Family Room with glass doors out to the pool and patio.  


Seating area facing the Firplace in a California Home Remdeled Living Room by Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

The Formal Living Room needed to function as more than just a (useless) room that you look at and never use.  

Oh no, this Large Living Room was going to be used.

Besides being large, the room came with a lot of great features,  tall ceilings with beams (and hideous ceiling fans), a stone fireplace as well as great windows.  It was Long and not so narrow, but long! Really Long.

The list of functions for this living room included not only a seating area but additionally a bar, home to  a TV


it had to be dog friendly as well.

I'm sure it is not obvious from the photos that the sofa's in the room are 96" in length, that's generous!  

Did I mention that the room was LONG?

An Antique Spanish Table is the anchor to one wall in the Living Room.  We created a collage Art Collection above the table as well as a pace to display vintage and antique objects.  
Living Room Antique Spanish Table with art collection above in California home designed by Jill Shelvin Vero Beach , FL interior Designer

It was a bit of a struggle deciding what to do at the far end of the room.  Playing into the Spanish vibe we sought out and found a vintage Spanish Table to anchor the Space.  If you can believe it, this table was my first purchase from First Dibs.

Above the Spanish table art from the collection was hung in an asymmetrical grouping.  The layout of the room left only one wall for art and there is still room for more.  The little chair we found in vintage shop in LA.

Want to get a similar look?

The table below is a new table, available in black similar to the vintage piece in the photo above.  

Click on the image below if you would like more info and a price on the table.

Spanish Style Table in Black Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

The iron and leather bench below as well as the art glass came from the New York house.  Amazing (if I do say so) linen sheer draperies on an iron rod are a soft accent among all the hard stone and rigid lines of the Living Room.

Art Glass Collection in a California Living Room designed by Vero Beach , Florida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin
Rancho Santa Fe Remodel Jill Shevlin

The sofa fabric is an outdoor fabric from LINK and is a beautiful velvet performance fabric.  

That's right solution dyed acrylic means no worries!  

The coffee table was made locally in Solana Beach.  It's nearly identical to the one made for the previous home.  

We loved it so much we recreated it!

Brown Indoor Outdoor Fabric on sofas in a California Home Remdeled Living Room by Jill Shevlin Design
Rancho Sante Fe CA home remodel by Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Not one, but two Thomas O'Brien Chandeliers from Visual Comfort hang in the Living Room.  

They replaced ceiling fans that were originally there.  Not only do they add another element to the design, but they give off great ambient light for the room.


Bronze and Brass Chandelier Jill Shevlin Design

Above the fireplace, a TV is hidden behind a vintage Asian Screen.  

Take a look at this POST I wrote about where I found the screen, and how it works.  It was a big design hurdle to get a TV in the room and not have it be the focal point.

Pop over HERE to see some more ideas for hiding a TV in your Living Room.

Living Room of a California Remodeled HOme By Jill Shevlin Design of Vero Beach


The Art Deco style buffet in the dining room is another piece that made the long journey to California. This piece was purchased for a home we designed about 15 years prior and it's made the cut every time.  

Above the buffet is a collage of art from the homeowners' collection.

*see the above install photo*

Dining Room with Faux Leather Side Chairs, patterned Host Chairs, antique deco buffet and art grouping California Home Remodel designed by Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach, FL Interior Designer

With Host Chairs in a patterned fabric at each end of the table and simple faux leather side chairs the Dining Room is simple and chic.

A linear brass chandelier above the table brings the room to life.

Chandelier Detail Brass from Visual Comfort California Home Remodel by Vero Beach, FL Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design



Family Room with Fireplace California Home Remodel by Vero Beach Florida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design

The Family Room took on a major transformation with the remodel of the Fireplace.  

It is not an easy task to re-imagine a fireplace.  EVERYTHING inside must remain the same.  It ended up with a new stone mantle much simplier than the original.

Family Room with Fireplace California Home Remodel by Vero Beach Florida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design

The Family Room Fireplace BEFORE

Rancho Santa Fe Remodel Fireplace before Jill Shevlin Design


Looking back it seems like not much was done to the Kitchen


New Floors

New Table

Uppers Cabinets Added

You know, just a few minor tweaks to get it here.

The Stainless Steel and Glass Table was first done for the New York House.  It worked so well, we had the same manufacturer create another for this house.  Take a look HERE to see it in the other house.

White Kitchen with Custom Stainless steel and glass island table California Home REmodel by Vero Beach, FLorida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design


Kitchen BEFORE

With the new Stainless and glass bar height table a separate dining table was not necessary.  

Additionally just off the kitchen is a long outdoor dining table.

Rancho Santa Fe Remodel Kitchen before Jill Shevlin Design

Outdoor Dining and Seating Area

Rancho Santa Fe Remodel Outdoor Dining Jill Shevlin Design


The Powder Bath was 


Not one single original item remains.  Well, I take that back, the mirror is not new.  Another one of the items that made the trip to California.  It was a great find long ago on a shopping trip to NYC. 

The bathroom got a new Carrara Marble wall. (Sooooo Pretty!!) This stone has the pattern laser printed on it.

In addition to a new free standing Single Vanity with a Basalt stone top and iron & steel base.  

Laser Painted marble  tile wall of Powder Room of California Home Designed by Vero Beach, FL interior designer Jill Shevlin Design

A decorative mirror above a bath vanity is a great way to add personality and character to a simple bath.



The Master Bedroom is another room of the house that was Long and filled with challenges.  

Despite all the obstacles of getting the house to function it also needed to have the clean line, simple aesthetic of my clients taste.

Cool Gray indoor outdoor fabric on chiars in a Master Bedroom Seating Area of a California Home Remodeled by Vero Beach FLorida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design

Two of the biggest changes to the Master Bedroom were replacing the bookcases and closing in the soffits. 

I can't tell you how much I Hated the soffit that ran along the entire side of the bedroom, on both sides,  with beams that floated above.   It's a subtle change that most people would probably not even notice.  

But How could anyone not notice? Beyond me!?!  Made me crazy!!

Anyway, when you look at the two images can you see the major difference?  I sure hope so.

Before Image of Master Bedroom Fireplace 

Just to play it safe, we had the contractor mock up what closing in the soffit would look like.  It gave the beams an ending point and if I do say, made a vast improvement.

It's a little difficult to tell from the photo, however the feature wall of the Master Bedroom where the bed is place has an amazing Phillip Jeffries Wall Covering in tones of gray.

A King size four-poster iron bed with an upholstered headboard in a darker shade of gray.

This is the same performance velvet that was used in the Living Room, just in another color.

In addition to the bed, the fireplace chairs are in the same fabric.

Master Bedroom bed with iron frame and upholstered headboard with a spanish touch remodel California Home by Interior Desinger Jill Shevlin of Vero Beach Florida
Master Bedroom Seating Area of a California Home Remodeled by Vero Beach FLorida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design
A steel and brass  chandelier from Low Country Originals replace a ceiling fan which was perfectly located above the seating area.
Master Bedroom Seating Area of a California Home Remodeled by Vero Beach FLorida Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design


Here's a little video of the Before

I think if you watch this you might get a better feel for how much work was done in the Master Bath.


Sitting pretty, a little girl held court and made this photo!  That's Roxy enjoying every minute being the center of attention!

This Master Bathroom is NOTHING like what it started as.

100% New!

The entire Master Bath was gutted, reconfigured and Brand Spanking NEW!

Click HERE to read all the nitty, gritty details of this Bathroom Renovation.

Marble Master Bath with Warm toned custom cabinets and freestanding tub of a californai home remodel by interior designer Jill Shevlin from Vero Beach, Florida
Marble Master Bath with Warm toned custom cabinets and freestanding tub of a californai home remodel by interior designer Jill Shevlin from Vero Beach, Florida
Marble Master Bath with Warm toned custom cabinets and freestanding tub of a californai home remodel by interior designer Jill Shevlin from Vero Beach, Florida
Marble Master Bath with Warm toned custom cabinets and freestanding tub of a californai home remodel by interior designer Jill Shevlin from Vero Beach, Florida


Now, Outdoors is not my area of expertise (So I say) but I am willing to give my opinion at any time.  (wink)

The renovations didn't end with the interior.  The yard, the pool, the garden, the hill all got a face lift.  

In addition to - the addition of -  a little wine house on the hill.

Pool View of California Home Remodel by Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Florida

This little wine house was built as an almost exact duplicate ( on the interior ) as the one built in New York.  The last one was in a basement.  So here, the wine house was built to blend into the landscape and look as though it had always been there. 

View of Wine House of California home Vero Beach interior designer Jill Shevlin worked on

One fun find was the antique Asian doors that were retro fitted to function as the doors into the wine house.

View of Wine House of California home Vero Beach interior designer Jill Shevlin worked on
Wine House interior Ranch Santa Fe Jill Shevlin Design
Wine House Interior Rancho Santa Fe  Jill Shevlin Design

Here's a photo of the doors before they were ours, in the store.  

Rancho Santa Fe Remodel Antique Doors Jill Shevlin Design
Rancho Santa Fe Remodel Design Boards Jill Shevlin Design

So there you have it.  

My bi-coastal - remote gut renovation.  A California Story with a Florida Designer.

Hope you liked it.  

Till next time...

6 Designer Must Have Lamps

6 Designer Must Have Lamps

Finish off any Home Decor with Unique Lamps

Six Must Have designer Table Lamps Jill Shevlin Design Creative Interior Design

All right, so there's more to choose from than 6 lamps.  But who could stop with just six choices?  I've said it before and I'll stand by it - say it again and then repeat myself.  

Lamps, my friends, can make or break your finished home decor.  

Yes indeed Lamps are Everything when it comes to finalizing a rooms decor.  Here are a few of my current favorites.

Iron Lamps

Blue and White Lamps work well in Traditional Design and Coastal Decor.  

Home and Garden

Rope, Raffia and any natural fiber lamp is a great casual element in a design.

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