Full Blue Office Makeover

As an interior designer I get the privilege of working with clients - well -  for life.  Hard to believe I've been at this now for 28 years!!!  But it's true.  Just yesterday I received an email from a client, she told me she was digging though old files and found a design presentation I did for her in 1999.  Of course I was only 15 at the time (wink).  Time sure does fly.

This office /  guest bedroom is one example of a long time client project that has seen many incarnations over the years. Some projects are like that and some rooms and/or entire homes go through different stages.  It may be for budget reasons, or that the family grows or they have down sized.  Whatever the reason there are times we don't fully revamp - redo - remodel.  

This is the latest version of an office / guest bedroom that has had a little update.

We went full on BLUE

Almost all of the room is still in it's original form and place, just modified and updated for current taste.  You can see in the image below from, oh gosh, I think 2009.  When purchased the home came with an office, with cherry wood built in's and in the cetnter - that "beautiful" - faux bookcase is a drop down murphy bed.

Before photo of office murhpy bed

The office was not a priority on our first update.  We simply left the room as is and added in furniture to work with the cherry wood cabinetry.

A few years later, the clients wanted to use the room for not only an office, but as a sitting room all while still having the ability to use the room as a 4th extra bedroom.  Rather than demolish the bookcases I had the murphy bed removed and the panels modified to lay on the wall.  Gone - gone - gone with the faux books!

It was quite the challenge to fit a queen size sleeper in between the existing bookcases.  But we made it work. 

Yes!  It's a Sleeper Sofa!

The room was starting to change and once we had gone this far, it wasn't long before we decided to go just a bit further. Something new to bring the room together.

Paint it Blue!

I went for it and painted every piece of wood in the room blue.  Trim, crown molding, doors, baseboard, cabinets, wall panels ALL painted blue.  In addition the walls were covered in a beautiful blue and beige raffia, grass cloth that brought the whole thing together.  An accent pillow, new rug and a few new accessories and 

Viola!  New Room!

Painted Blue Cabinets

A Fun - Fresh and completely revived Room!

Progress Photo Painting cabinets blue

Want to get the look?  Click on the images on the right 

It may be I have a special place in my heart for this project.  But I do love the way it turned out!  Minor improvements rather than a complete redo.  

The fun pillow fabric is from Thibaut  Designs and it comes in several colors.  Below are some ready made pillow found on ETSY

The pelican painting came from a Vero Beach Gallery, Megan Chandler Gallery  a great resource for an amazing assortment of beautiful art.  The light fixture is one of my oldie but goodie favorites from Circa Lighting.

Want to  see another Office project I did with RED Cabinets?  Read This

So what do you think?  Could you go full on BLUE?  Let me know.

Till Next Time....


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