5 Expert Tips for a Powder Room Revamp

I was asked by the Real Estate website REDFIN last week to give my thoughts on the littlest room in the house, the Powder Room for an article they wanted to post online 

"Expert Tips For Revamping an Outdated Powder Room."

Not one to shy away from giving my two cents, I was more than happy to give one idea.  Depending on your budget and desired outcome here are some of the tips from myself and other designers to transform you Powder Room.  

I've created some amazing Powder Rooms over the years, it's just a shame that they are so small, it is beyond difficult to take (good) photos of them!  I have a few that were major tranformations.  Check them out below.

This Powder Room was a makeover.  Everything stayed the same, we just Revamped it!

Powder Room Revamp 


Powder Room Makeover Jill Shevlin Design

We didn't want to do any Major work in this Powder Room.  Simple Solutions - I had the cabinet refinished to match the new wallcovering and kept the original sink, fixtures, and mirror.  The sconces and cabinet hardware are all new.  I accessoirzed with my clients collection of perfume bottles and there you go.


Powder Room Revamp Before Jill Shevlin Desgin

Below is the REDFIN Blog article in it's entirety along with one of my own Powder Room Revamps.  For more from REDFIN Click HERE

Experts Reveal Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

Whether your powder room is looking dull and outdated, or you just have an itch to change things up, a powder room remodel can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. And since powder rooms tend to be smaller, you have the added design freedom to play around with bold colors, patterned wallpaper, and even different lighting fixtures or hardware to make the space pop. To help you revamp your outdated powder room, we reached out to experts from San Francisco, CA all the way to Miami, FL for their expertise. Here are their best tips and advice for the ultimate powder room remodel:


 to create a cohesive aesthetic

Grab your inspiration source and let it set the tone for the rest of the space's design concept. 

For example, if you are in love with a specific vessel bowl sink that you want to incorporate into the design for your powder room, start with that and then work on coordinating the other elements in the bathroom with that fixture. It will allow for a more harmonious concept and ensure that your selections work together for a visually aesthetic completed project while guaranteeing you get the products that excite you. - Amanda Esh, Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center

2.  The powder room is the perfect place to


Let your creativity flow with an accent wall.

For your powder room remodel, try introducing an eye-catching accent wall with a pop of color, geometric tile, or printed wallpaper. Complete the space with a statement vanity light that illuminates your personal style. - Lamps.com

Use statement tiling.

The powder room is the one place where you can have a little fun – be bold and playful or simple and serene. But either way you go, it’s a place to allow your creativity to come out and create a big impression in a small space. Consider adding a beautiful and impactful statement tile on the wall behind the sink. - PDG Studios

Create a gallery wall.

A powder room is a great place to showcase your personality by putting together a gallery wall. Since there's no bathtub or shower, humidity isn't a problem. Choose artwork that speaks to you, and don't be afraid to go from floor to ceiling on the feature wall. - Room to Design

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little.

You can choose more precious, and higher-end products like great tile or custom wallpaper on a highlighted wall with a powder room remodel. Most powder rooms have smaller walls, making sense to splurge on the materials you use in this space. Less is more in a powder room, and the pieces you choose should be bold and stately. - Gabby

3.  Wallpaper can

MAKE all the difference (and A MAJOR STATEMENT)

Nothing transforms a space more dramatically than a bold wallpaper

With countless designs and even removable wallpaper options on the market, it's easier than ever to elevate a drab, dark space into something eye-catching, artistic, and unique. - Coddington Interior Design

Create a feature wall behind the toilet using patterned wallpaper.

Pick up a color from the pattern to paint the rest of the bathroom and use that same color for a new frame for your mirror or hang a chandelier from the ceiling. - Inverness Design Build Group Ltd.

Wallpaper is a simple way to make a lasting impression. 

Due to its small size, a powder room is the one area in the house where you can live out your decorating dreams - nothing will break the budget or be revisited in time. Feel free to go bold with color or a statement wallpaper to make a big impact in a small room. - Jill Shevlin Design

Powder Room Revamp Jill Shevlin Design

In this Powder Room Revamp we did Everything!  The only original item that remains is the wood floor.  Instead of an accent wall with paint or paper, I opted for a stone feature wall.  Laser printed Carrera Marble.  Don't you just Love it?

You can read all about the entire home remodel in a post I did HERE


Before and After Powder Bath Jill Shevlin Design

4.  Don’t forget about FIXTURES

Ditch outdated fixtures.

Nothing screams dated as much as old, tired fixtures in your powder room. Think of the lighting, faucet, and cabinet hardware as the jewelry. By adding stylish new fixtures, you’ll have a stunning new look in your powder room without breaking your budget. - Organized by Design

Absolutely spend on updating your plumbing fixtures. 

Plumbing fixtures have undergone significant improvements, and they are worth the upgrade factor. Go bold with your walls; if they are light now, go dark – and if they are dark now, go light. - Studio M Interior Design

5.  The ultimate powder room remodel isn’t complete without UPGRADE lighting and flooring

Lighting is the jewelry of the home

So whether you want to make a statement or enhance the new colors you’ve remodeled with, try a fixture that offers just as much visual style as it does lighting balance to give the room an entirely complete finish. - Laura Lee Designs


Well-placed statement lighting above the vanity is essential

Nothing is worse than walking into a powder bathroom with vanity lights that cast shadows over your face. I recommend installing a pair of sconces (or two hanging pendants) on each side of the mirror, so the bulb is about 63" above the floor to ensure that your face is well-lit. It's okay to find sconces or pendants that are a bit more decorative in a powder room than you would hang in a larger bathroom. - Rebecca Quandt Interiors


Change up the flooring. 

It doesn't matter if you choose tile or wood; changing the flooring material in your powder room from the adjacent rooms will lend itself to generating visual interest that will catch your eye - tre Designs

Originally published by Redfin by

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: 

Experts Reveal Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

Whether your powder room is looking dull and outdated, or you just have an itch to change things up, a powder room remodel can make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance. And since powder rooms tend to be smaller, you have the added design freedom to play around with bold colors, patterned wallpaper, and even different lighting fixtures or hardware to make the space pop. To help you revamp your outdated powder room, Redfin reached out to us and other experts from San Francisco, CA all the way to Miami, FL for our advice. Check out what we had to say in the full article below for the ultimate powder room remodel:

Experts Share Their Best Tips for the Ultimate Powder Room Remodel

5 Expert Tips for a Powder Room Revamp
Jill Shevlin Design 5 Expert Tips for a Powder Room Revamp

Jupiter Island Bathroom Remodel

Jupiter Island Bathroom Remodel

A Bathroom Remodel


From Dark and Dated to Bright and Fresh 

Let me take you on a little journey.   

The transformation of a Master Bath in a Jupiter Island condominium with A-Mazing Ocean and Intercoastal views.

Master Bath Remodel Tub View with Herringbone Marlbe Floor

If you didn't know a remodel is hard work.

There is nothing - not one little thing - easy about a remodel.

On the other hand, remodels are also so very rewarding.
You get to see a complete transformation take place. A true-life Cinderella Story of sorts.

Which makes all the hard work, hassle, and stuff in between worth it in the end.

Master Bath Remodel Tub View with Herringbone Marlbe Floor (1)

The After Images

which are So pretty and every little thing is in place.  

Keep reading and I'll share with you the process of getting here.

Master Bath Remodel Vanity View

Lets Get Started

The dirty truth.

A typical bathroom remodel is dirty and difficult under normal circumstances.
There are so many restrictions that limit your creativity and ability to rework the space.
Even harder still is a remodel in a condominium.
Problems are generally likely to pop up in a normal remodel. In a condo double that number.
In addition to
1. Concrete Walls & Floors
2. there are Neighbors which means
3. Time and noise restraints
4. Plumbing Locations that can not be moved
5. Permits that need to be pulled which leads to
6. Inspections


Jumping Right In

When I was brought on to design and remodel this Jupiter Island Master Bathroom I was super excited. For one, I had worked with the client previously, (a Breeze), and secondly, I was allowed to make decisions on the fly (hooray!).

Given complete control,  I can promise you is Not a common thing.

All my clients do have great trust in me, no doubt, but I don't get to just do whatever I want.

On this project, I could do whatever I wanted! The only requests were to Update and Make it Bright.
Consequently, it was Much easier to push through and get the job done ASAP.
My client had 100% faith in me that I would get a great result. Whoo Hooo!

But wait...

It couldn't be that easy.  Oh no.

Digging into the project I found 
There were angles everywhere!  
At every turn, there were strange empty corners and concrete walls that could not be touched.

Did I mention we had a Deadline?

We had a HARD completion deadline and a three and a half months to get it done. And I mean the deadline was HARD!

The building would shut down any work that was not completed by the end of the summer, and we were just getting started. Yikes!

Permits needed to be pulled, selections needed to be ordered, and on-site in time. Oh, the stress of it!

Nonetheless, I was ready and willing to tear this place apart and get the best result possible.

Mud Pie Kid's Spring 2020 New Arrivals
Mud Pie Women's Spring 2020 New Arrivals

Before and After Photos

Bathroom Remodel Before and After jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer
Shop Vintage Tub & Bath Today!

Yup, as you can see, the Before was pretty dated and dark.  

Not only were the cabinets and tub oddly placed they were Old School!

The inset marble pattern on the floor was dark and dated.

White Marble Shower of a Bathroom Remodel Before and After jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

The Bathroom originally had a his and hers separate vanity as well as a His and Hers separate W/C. You had to walk through Her W/C to get into the shower.  

During the Demo phase, 

I turned the toilet to create a new W/C room and consequently tripled the size of the shower.

The NEW Shower still has the exact same window.

Now instead of showering with your back to the Ocean View the new layout allows you to view the ocean while showering.  There is also a bench seat with an additional shower head and hand held tucked away.

White Marble and Cabinets in a of a Bathroom Remodel Before and After jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Gone- Gone - Gone

 is the ugly plastic drop in tub and in it's place is a lovely freestanding tub.

The bonus that came with completely gutting the room was we did find extra "room" if you will that was hidden corners.   There is still a His and Hers vanity and a sit-down makeup area for her as well tucked behind one of the vanities.

Original Floor Plan 

I had to go to the basement of the building and dig through all the construction documents to pull the original plans.  

Now I'm not afraid to site measure and to create my floor plan drawings.  But this place, with crazy angles was a nightmare to even think of measuring.   I was thrilled to find to scale original drawings to work from.

I always start with a floor plan.  

Renovation Floor Plan 

The Renovation Plan kept all the integral pieces of the existing plan but tweaked them a bit.
The Her vanity was turned into a larger shower and a closet was eliminated to create a sitting vanity area.

As is often the case, even though I planned everything out, every single detail we did encounter some obstacles and the final product is not exactly as I had planned. But nonetheless a better overall plan.


Step One - Demolition

Here's a little walk thru video I took when we started the Demo phase.  This was just the beginning.  By the time it was all done every bit of the old bathroom was gone!  Every door, every wall, we even jack hammered up the old marble floor.

Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island Vero Beach

Oh my, it gets worst before it gets better!  

Completely Stripped down.

Floor Tile Installation

Tile Install Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island (8)

Everything in construction has to go in sequence.  The marble floors were laid first and then we went back and added drywall.  All the while perfecting the locations of wall outlets, wall and ceiling lighting and cabinets.

Remember we had to jackhammer up all that old marble flooring!  What A MESS!

Plan The Work

Below on the left are the detail drawings I did for the Marble Layout on the Floors and the Wall.  

On the Right are the cabinet plans.

Master Bath Renovation Marble Elevations Layouts Jill Shevlin Design

ShowerTile  Installation

Shower Tile  Install Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island (9)

The shower floors had to be floated to get the water to drain to the only drain. This is  one of those existing issues that we could not change.  

It's starting to take shape and look like a bathroom.  The carpenters are in adding baseboard, window trim.  The cabinets were installed.  We couldn't install the cabinets until the floors were done.

Cabinet  Installation

Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island (11)

Ordinarily once the cabinets are installed the next step is countertops.  We had tall vanity towers on each side of each sink for storage.  The towers could not be installed until the countertops were in.  

Then finally....the plumbers could come in and wrap things up.  

Almost to the finish Line!

Oh and also you can see in the photos above, there are junction boxes for light fixtures that still need to be installed as well.  Not only did we have wall light fixtures, we had a centered chandelier, flush mount ceiling fixtures and vanity sconces as well.

Light Fixture Selections

These are all the beautiful light fixtures I chose for the Master Suite

Lighting Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design

If you're looking for something just like the selections I made below are some of the exact fixtures or something similar.

Click on any image for more information.

Progress Video

Then, after all that work, I get to come in with the pretty things and finish it all up!

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Master Bath Renovation Jupiter Island Free standing Tub

Like I said before, Renovations aren't easy, but So worth it in the end!

white marble Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island freestanding tub
White Marble Shower with Ocean ViewMaster Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island white Marble shower
White Vanity Master Bath Remodel Jill Shelvin Design Jupiter Island Vanity

Get the Look

Tub -

Faucet & Sink

So there you have it.  

My Jupiter Island Master Bathroom remodel step by step.  
If you have some time, you should check out some of my other remodels I've shared on the blog.

Rancho Sante Fe, CA Bathroom Remodel HERE

Orchid Island Bathroom Remodel HERE

Did I mention that while we did this bathroom we remodeled the Kitchen at the same time?  Well we did!  Stay tuned for a post on that. If you love a good before and after story be sure to check these posts out.

Orchid Island, Vero Beach Master Bath Renovation HERE
Orchid Island, Vero Beach Condo Kitchen Renovation HERE

Windsor Vero Beach,  TV Room Renovation HERE

Till Next Time....

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Windsor Vero Beach Renovation Before & After

Transformation Tuesday The Renovation of a Windsor Vero Beach Billard Room

You know how much I love a good before and after story!  Today brings the complete transformation of a Billard / Media Room of a Windsor Home.

Jill Shevlin Design Windsor Billiard Room Vero Beach Interior Designer, Vero Beach Home remodel, Vero Beach New Home, Vero Beach Luxury Real Estate

What was once a dark, green cavern we transformed into a rich textural room without much more than wallcovering, paint and new furniture? 

The Transformation

The basic elements of the room are all the same.  The dark stained beadboard ceiling and wainscoting.  Even the door trim was white previously, you just couldn’t see it behind the dark green damask draperies.  All few new light fixtures updated the room although still very traditional, the new light fixtures relate to all the other elements in the room.  We used an A-Mazing black and tan color combination along with tons of texture to bring the room a comfortable easy feel.  Raffia walls and patterned sisal rugs are a great neutral backdrop while the leather recliners ( yes – I said recliners!)  I hate them as a whole, but sometimes I just have to give in.  The art on the wall is black and white photos of African wildlife and are grouped in pairs with wall sconces on each side.  


Master Bath Renovation

Master Bath Renovation

Before and After a Master Bath Renovation 

There is no denying my love for a good Before and After story.  This one is no exception. 

My clients came to me after purchasing the waterfront home for the beautiful River view, they loved the lot, location and size of the home.   They were not quite as impressed with most of the interior layout, the windows, the Bathroom, the Kitchen and the complete lack of architectural details in the house. 

Let’s just say they were prepared for a Major renovation.

Jill Shevlin Design, Master Bathroom with Freestanding Waterworks Empire Tub Master Bath Renovation Vero Beach


It helps to understand that my clients we completely open to any ideas I had for making changes to the house.  There were some absolute must-do items on their to-do list which would require reconfiguring the floor plan and some major reworking things like ceilings and flooring.  The Master Bathroom was definitely a high priority on the to-do list.  The original plan had two separate areas – his with shower and hers with a shower and a tub between both.   The bathroom was divided from the Master Bedroom by a hall visible from the Living Room.  Passing through the hall you would come to another hallway with closets on each side. 

You can see the configuration in the photo below.  

Jill Shevlin Design Master Bedroom Dressing Area Custom Island. Home Renovation




Hallway Makeover

Marble Meets Coastal Casual in a Hallway Makeover

Transformation of a marble Hallway Renovation by Interior Designer Jill Shevlin, Marble Hallway, Casual meets MarbleWho says coastal has to be palm trees and fish?  How about birds and seashells instead.  To get this Traditional yet Casual look I just mixed it all up and created a coastal look with modern elements.   Mahogany furniture mixed with casual cane and a light colored traditional runner on a cream polished marble backdrop. 

I can hardly believe how long it’s been since we wrapped this Jupiter Island Renovation project up. The images from the project have been among some of my most well received and it is still one of my favorite projects.  Although each project I have worked on is like a child of mine and picking a favorite is difficult, I love all of them, each for different reasons. 

Fast forward to today and I am back working on on this house again.  This time getting to do what we didn’t do the first time around, the Kitchen and Master Bath.  Stay tuned to see how they turn out.  Still in the planning phase at the moment, but as per far too often a fast-paced project with a deadline quickly approaching!

If you take a look at the before photo below, you can see a cupid style sconce.  Yup – that’s about what the whole place looked like when we started.  

Transformation of a marble Hallway Renovation by Interior Designer Jill Shevlin, Marble Hallway, Casual meets Marble


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