An Interior Renovation

Transformation of a Home

Before and After

It is often hard to imagine when you see a beautiful home the possibility that it may not have always looked that way.

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Simple is the word that comes to mind when I look at this photograph.  To achieve a simple look is much more involved and challenging than you think. 

I would Love to share with you the images of this home Before my clients and I started on a major renovation.


Before & After

One of my favorite things about working as an interior design is getting to see and share the transformation of a home after a renovation.  The photo above is the After of a project I did a short time ago.  Bold and colorful for sure, but I don’t think you can really appreciate the After until you see the Before.  My clients wanted this room to be a, just about everything room.  It needed to function as an Office, Dining Room and a TV room.  That is no doubt a tall order for a small(ish) room.  I managed to get it all in and function as well as look amazing! 


Before & After

Before and After photos of a recent home renovation project we completed in Orchid Island, Vero Beach, FL.



photo by: Jessica Glynn


Can you tell from these photos what is the only thing that remained of the original kitchen after our renovation? 

We made so many improvements it is almost hard to believe it is the same Kitchen. 

First on the list of things to change was the arched windows. All of the windows in the home were replaced with simple straight rectangular windows.  We did use shutters again, but new ones.


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