Coastal Dining

3 Easy Steps to The Perfect 

Casual Dining Room

1- Pick a Chair

Coastal Dining Chairs Jill Shevlin Design



A - Stripe Dining Chair in Natural Fiber Painted White Legs

Universal Furniture

B - Woven Wicker X Base DIning Chair with Loose Seat Cushion   -   

Dining Chairs - Casual Comfy and Great Looking for a Coastal Modern Farmhouse Look.

Of course there is any  number of different styles of Dining Chairs that could work.  Check out a few below.

There are always more styles to choose from so if you need more check out my Shop Dining Chairs Page for More HERE

2 - Get Your Lighting Right 

Coastal Dining Chairs Jill Shevlin Design

Funky Fun Chandeliers! little on the pricy side.  So maybe these are not the perfect Coastal Casual Chandeliers.  But I Love them and wanted to share.  The white on the left is a great light fixture for the center of a large room over a center table.  The Gold Dangle is just - well - COOL.  I would love to use it over a entry table or in a modern dining room.

Depending on Your taste any of the chandeliers below would be a great choice for a Coastal Modern Dining Fixture.

Need More?  Check out the selection of Chandeliers on the Shop Jill Shevlin Design Page HERE

3- Table


This X-Base Table in a mid range color finish is an easy Dining Table to mix for any Style

Farmhouse Dining -  Coastal Dining - Causal Elegant Dining

Coastal Dining Chairs Jill Shevlin Design

This table could easily be paired with any number of chairs to get whatever look suits your style.

Here a a couple of additional Rectangular Dining Tables that could work as well.

Find all Styles of DINING TABLES on the SHOP Jill Shevlin Design page HERE

4 - Bar-Counter Stools

If you have a Kitchen Island Counter Stools are Cool!

Coastal Dining Chairs Jill Shevlin Design

Both of these Counter Stools are good transitional pieces.  They are coastal inspired with natural fiber but contemporary in styling.  A good look for any style.

For more Bar and Counter Stool Looks Check out the post I did with a roundup of Coastal Dining HERE


A a collection of Coastal Home Designs I've done over the yeas HERE

Not a bad idea if you are ordering any furniture for your home to take a peek at my tips for ordering furniture online HERE.  Trust me when I tell you I've had my fair share of online ordering disasters.  Better to know what to expect!

I have done my share of Coastal Design and sometimes it borders on Glam.  This post is a little bit traditional a little bit coastal but a good makeover story either way.  Read it HERE

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Yup... there's more!  For Coastal Home Inspiration check out this blog post I wrote Natural Wonders Coastal Casual HERE

Well then - hope you got some inspiration.  Till next time...

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer
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Coastal Dining
3 Easy Steps to The Perfect  Casual Dining Room 1- Pick a Chair A B A - Stripe Dining Chair[...]
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Top 5 Sofa Styles
Your Sofa - Your Style What is the right Sofa Style for you? Your Sofa is likely the one of[...]

Top 5 Sofa Styles

Your Sofa - Your Style

What is the right Sofa Style for you?

what is your sofa style - Jill Shevlin Design - Vero Beach Interior Designer - Vero Beach Home renovaton - Vero Beach Home Furniture - Vero Beach Decorate your Home

Your Sofa is likely the one of the most used piece of furniture in your home.  

Do you know what your Sofa Style is?

Top Five Sofa Styles

The Perfect Seating for any Space

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Shades of Coastal Blue

Shades of Blue for a Coastal Home

Never Ever have I met a  shade of blue that doesn't some how -  some way - work in every home.  You may not be a fan of all shades of blue, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in everyone's home there is a shade of blue something to be found.  Here are a few of my current favorite coastal inspired items in Shade of Blue.

Shades of Blue Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Coastal Home

Ahhh.. that wave settee is just so stinking cute!  If that doesn't Scream Coastal I don't know what does!  It would be perfect in an entry way or under stairs.

Shades of Blue Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Coastal Home

A Classic Porcelain Asian Dragon Lamp in Blue and White 

This lamp is as classic as it can get.  Not everyone has a love for Asian or Dragons for that matter, but the crisp contrast of the blue and white is always a good choice for a Traditional Coastal Home Design.

Looking for a different style of lamp?  Be sure to check out my shop page where I have grouped all of my favorite lamps by style.  There are all sorts of lamps there and if that's not enough for you there is another entire page dedicated to all my favorite chandeliers. USA, LLC
Chest Night stand in Blue Shades of Blue Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Coastal Home

Texture, texture, texture and then some in this lacquered linen nightstand in a simple shape with ease and elegance in the perfect shade of blue with just the hint of gray.  The modern pulls are the finishing touch on this piece.  

For more bedroom furniture check out this page of beds.

Furniture Ships Free
Shades of Blue Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Coastal Home

If you can't live with a large blue piece of furniture - get it in the accessories.  

This large water color abstract painting is bursting with shades of blue, turquoise, aqua and white.  Perfect for anyone who doesn't want to take the coastal look literally.

These Agate on stands are simple, clean and contemporary way to bring a pop of color in a modern way and just the right amount of coastal inspiration.  

I can hardly believe that both the painting and agate are from Target - a great look at a reasonable price.  

Framed sea life is always a favorite of mine.  I  love a good seaweed or fan or shell or, well you get the idea!  Group a collection of smaller framed sea life together to get a big impact with smaller pieces of art.  

Natural Area Rugs updated logo

To see more of my Coastal Inspired Designs check out this post I did called Sophisticated Coastal Design

Or for a selection of Natural Woven Products that always work in Coastal Design take a peek at this collection of Woven Wonders

And there's always this post on Coastal Inspired Seating.

Well, there you have it just a couple of ideas from me to you in Shade of Blue.

Ha...Ha!  Till Next time!

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer

Top 5 Tips for Selecting Area Rugs for Your Home

How To Choose The Best Area Rugs 

For Your Home Decor

Top 5 Tips

A Guest Post from Holly Clark

How to Choose and Area Rug Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer, Vero Beach Home Decor, Decorate Vero Beach home

 I am 100% of the believe that a great rug can make or break a room.   Getting the right look takes work and a dedication to finding the perfect fit for both your decor style and lifestyle.  Today's Tips on how to find a great area rug are from a guest, Holly Clark of  who asked to share her advice on selecting an area rug.    

With no further adiue...

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Natural Wonders Modern Coastal Casual

Coastal Modern Natural Wonders Jill Shevlin Design

Natural Wonders 

Wood - Wicker - Rattan - Wool - Rope 

Natural materials are a easy Go-To design staple for decorating any home in a Coastal or Casual style. Coastal Casual Furniture galore in this collection of Design Finds.  

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3 Must Have Lamp Styles for Every Home

Shop All Style of Lamps

Shop Lamps at Designer Lamps all Styles

There is nothing more satisfying than finding the Perfect Lamp to finish off a room.  Lamps, lamps, lamps, they come in every size, shape, material, and style you can imagine.  I have gathered some of my favorites that are my go-to lamps for most of my projects and put them all in one place for you to check out.  Let me know which style is your favorite.  Me…I like sparkly things so I generally run to the crystal lamps.  But I do love a good gord style just as much.  Then…there are those time when nothing but a great iron lamp will do.  Good thing there are choices!  Take a look here.  Enjoy!

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer



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