Favorite Find – Botanicals

Favorite Find - Botanicals & Birds

Favorite Finds Botanicals Jill Shevln Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

What are Botanicals or Botanical Illustration?

Botanical illustration is the art of depicting the form, color, and details of plant life.

As a rule, I use the term generically to represent anything in nature, plants, seaweed, eggs, feathers, butterflies and the like.  Rooted in tradition as the predecessor to photography botanicals make a great addition to any room.

I've always been a fan of botanicals and today you can find all sorts of styles.  Additonally you can find them by color, category and in varrying sizes to fit any home decor.

For Instance on the website Pintrest you will find a number of free prinatbles.  That's copies that you can print at home for next to nothing. Similarly you can find collections of vintage botanicals for sale on websites like Etsy, Charish, One Kings Lane and many more.

Here are some articles on the origin history of Botanicals from My Modern Met.  

Art that captures the beauty of nature are beautiful!   Best of all botanicals are a great way to pull together a grouping to fill a large wall.   Prints are a much less expensive route and can vary in both quality and price.  Lower end reproductions are basically color copies.  On the higher end are hand painted botanicals.   

Definatly a Designer GO-TO.  

Below is a bedroom from my Portfolio where I used a modern take on Botanical with Sepia Photographs.

Sepia Botanicals  Jill Shevlin Design Why Not Wicker Vero Beach interior Designer
ART Home Decor Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Home Decor Shop Coastal Home Decor Vero Beach
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Botanical Collection Jill Shevlin design

This seaweed grouping is one of my all time favorites.  A great choice for a Coastal Setting.

Below are some collections I've pulled together.  Click any any image for more info.

Audubon Birds 

Birds are another favorite for groupings.  Although not true Audubon Birds, the seelctions below are in the style of.

Read more about the Audubon Society Birds Here.

ART Home Decor Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Home Decor Shop Coastal Home Decor Vero Beach

Colored Prints are a great way to capture the designer look of Botanicals in a Modern Way.

Look at this option....

The possibilities are endless!  You can select the size and framing option you like.

Blue Leaves Palm

Hope you got a little bit of Botanical Inspirations.

Till Next Time...

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer

Pillow Talk – Blues

Pillow Talk -Blues

Pillow Talk Blue Desiger Pillows Curated by  Jill Shevln Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Online

Pillow Talk

Can you handle a little...

Pillow Talk?

It's a Designer's Dirty Little Secret....so Shhhhh.  I'm just kidding!

Of course Decorative Pillows are the number one home accessory for Any Designer.  

the First thing to remember is you can easily Transform the look of a room with nothing more than adding a few beautiful pillows.  

That being said below is an assortment of brands including Quadrille Fabrics.  Which is a Designer Go-To fabric line for Fun, Fresh and Bold Pillows.  Somehow I found them,  randomly poking around on ETSY.  

I  was thrilled that I could share them with you.

Pillows Desiger Pillows Jill Shevln Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Scroll Through Below for More Info

First thing to remember is you can Dress up any boring sofa with a BOLD print.  Simply adding a print will take your home decor from vanilla to hot tamale instantly.  

In case you're interested here are some Living Rooms I've designed.    Or here are some Family Rooms.  

Both of which proves I am 100% guilty of Loving a decorative Pillow!

In addition I  have a SHOP PILLOWS PAGE if you are looking for something a little less bold.

Hope you found a little inspiration!  Till Next time.....

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer

in the event you happen to need a Sofa to put new pillows on check out my  SHOP SOFAS page for some great selections.

Not to mention for more Home Decor Ideas check out these pages


I have a great collection of beds you can buy online without the hassle of digging thru pages and pages on the internet.  I've done all the hard work for you!

As well as Lamps,  


Oh man, I've pulled the best of the best lamps available you won't want to miss this page.

And there's a page for SHOP COFFEE TABLES too.

Working From Home

Home Office Design

No doubt we have all gotten a little more comfortable working from home as of late.  

From Pro's to Kids we've all had to adjust our lives to spending time at home working.  

HOME office Desk shop Desks vero beach home office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Scroll through below and click on any image for more information

- Desks - Desks - Desks - 

They come in every size and style imagainable.  Do you know what your desk style is?

With laptops and I-pads today we don't need storage or filing in desks.  A great option if a table Desk

A simple pencil drawer is just the right amount of storage.  

The key to working from home and actually enjoying it is creating a great environment to work in.  

A place dedicated to work.  A place that is not the Kitchen counter.  

I'm as guilty as anyone of multi tasking.  I watch tv while I work on my laptop at the Kitchen counter.  

However, I know ( and so do you) that it's not the best spot to be productive. 

For that very reason I've compiled a collection of Home Offices I've designed.   I wanted to jog my memory and see if there were any consistencies to all the Home Offices I've done.  Any single items that could be singled out.  

To  create A  Go-To tip for designing a Home Office.  

As I poured through my photots it seems like the most common thread is that

All Home Offices double as spaces for other things.  

Offices share duties as TV Rooms or Guest Bedrooms most often.  

Most noteworthy of my designs is the use of textured wallcoverings.  

Have to admidt, I do love a great texture and wall coverings! 

Now I know, not all of us have the space to dedicate an entire room to an office. 

Most of us  and we have to make due with a corner of a room.  

None the less we can always make it beautiful, comfortable and stylish.


As a result I wanted to share a recent Home Office I recently designed for Clients here in Vero Beach.  

Luckily I have been working with these clients for many years.   On several different projects.   Which made the entire process a great project to be a part of.  

I still haven't had the opportunity to photograph the home completed, so stay tuned for that. 


For this Home Office Design there was a little bit of compromise.


She wanted a light bright and airy room for him to work, watch TV and do his thing.

He wanted Wood...surprise!  And a place for all his books.

Since this was a new construction project we were able to specify EVERYTHING!

We started with the Flooring

We selected an engineered wood floor that is wide plank, random widths and a light worn finish.  

Beautiful and low maintenece.  

The home is close to the beach and dogs, grandkids, big kids, parents and grand parents all want to Live in the house.

I think it turned out really nice!  

I designed a mitered panel, three in fact in the Entry.

But you can see the wood floors are casual and beachy.  Nothing close to a floor that would work with a dark traditional paneled wood office.  

Just in case you think maybe, I've added several images down below of just that sort of room.... I've done my fair share of them!

Back to this project.  We had to compromise to keep both clients happy.

The compromise was to design and create a custom 

Full Wood Millwork Office 

I set out to design a Modern Meets Traditional Home Office.

I was able to create that look with flat wood panels rather than traditional raised panel millwork.

All the wood panels were painted white.  The extra special thing that took the look to another level is the  

Stained Bookcase Box Inserts 

 They were stained in a custom color I chose to work with the floor.  

I have to admit, my clients trusted me and went along with my idea, not totally grasping what we were doing. 

 I was very excited and every step of the way I was even happier with the outcome than I thought I would be. 

Below are my drawings that were the first step in the process.  

I detailed out the size and location of each and every panel and box.  

Home Office in progress Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Home Design Online Design E Design for Vero Beach
Home Office in progress Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Home Design Online Design E Design for Vero Beach

Enter your text here...

Here is a quick progress video I took after all the wood panels had been installed.  Before the stained boxes could be installed  the electrician needed to cut out for the lights above each box shelf.  

And before long we were ready for books.  

Home Office in progress Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Home Design Online Design E Design for Vero Beach
Home Office in progress Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Home Design Online Design E Design for Vero Beach
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Unfortunately you can't see the floor and get the Whole Picture of how the room turned out.  But it is Gorgeous!  I promise.   Like I said, stay tuned hopefully in a couple of months we will have the photos competed and in the Portfolio.

Now here are some ideas for you to

Create A Great Looking Home Office

Home Office Design

The main event will set the tone.  If you are adding a work space to an existing room, you'll likely have to coordinate the new pieces with the rest of the room.  

If you are starting from scratch and designating an entire room as an office obviously anything goes!

Here are a few stylish Table / Writing Desks.  

Pretty and great if you don't have a need for storage.

For the rest of us...we need stuff and stuff means storage!

Desks with Storage

For a bunch more Desk Options pop over to the SHOP DESKS page to see what I've found.

Now that you've seen the most recent Home Office (my favorite to date) below are Very Traditional Home Offices I've designed.  Each one for a client with a particular taste and need for the room

Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Tips to Make a Home OFfice Online Design, edesign for vero beach

Ocean Front Workspace.  

This has to be one of the best views for a Home Office if I do say so.  

A great spot to sit with your laptop and work in peace while you watch the waves.  

Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Tips to Make a Home OFfice Online Design, edesign for vero beach

Textured Walls with Light Breezy Patterned Draperies

In this Home Office / TV Room we did a thick Textured Raffia wall covering and a light green linen print on drapery side panels and pillows.  The sofa is a sleeper for that extra guest and a  desk in dark mahognay with a window view is a great spot to pump out some work.

Ruby Red Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Tips to Make a Home OFfice Online Design, edesign for vero beach

Traditioanl, Really Rich and RED!  

This office is completely Traditional with Mahogany Trim, Baseboard, Built Ins and Furniture.  The walls are a saturated red that is complimented by an Oriental Rug, raffia ottoman / coffee table.  A series of floral prints hang above a leather sleeper sofa.  Yeah...we used to do them alot!

Modern Mix Home Office  and Tv Room Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer (2)

Modern Millwork in Dark Stain.  

This Home Office / TV room is in a project I did in Millbrook New York.   I designed the paneling and book shelves that flank the limestone fireplace.  

Now that I think about it, this was the first time I did flat panels.  Here they were done with a dark stained reveal, the most recent project I did the same concept except I reversed the revel.  Hmnn... 

In this office the wall covering is an Amazing linen Herringbone and it was the perfect compliment to the contemporary style in a Farmhouse setting.

His office ocean Front Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer (3)

His Room

You know, can you really go wrong with an Ocean View?  This is another Traditional Office for him.  

Rich Mahagony, Leather all mixed with textures of Natural Fiber Rug and Wallcovering.  

Taditional Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer (11)

Classic Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Full Cherry Paneled Home Office

Red is a popular color choice for a traditional home office.  This is a fully paneled cherry office.   I placed the desk in the bay window to take advantage of the view while allowing for comfortable seating and storage around the room.

Bright red Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer (12)

Cherry Red Wood Work

This Home Office had to fulfill a multitude of needs.  It's actually an Office / TV Room / Dining Room all in one room!   This Home Office we flipped the script and painted all the wood work Red and again used a textured wallcovering.

OCean Front Home Office Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer Online and E Design services

Double Duty Desk

A giant Table Desk is center stage in this Home Office which actually doubles as the Dining Table when needed.

Totally Traditional Style with a West Indies Flair.  

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane for me!  I hope you enjoyed the journey and maybe got some inspiration for your home office!

Till Next Time....

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer

The Best Collection of Beds


Bedroom Done 

Vero Beach   Coastal    Modern  Bedroom 

Looking for a great Bed?

 Do you dread the hassle of drudging through thousands of internet sites searching endlessly for just the right bed?

Hate the thought of driving around from store to store only to be disappointed and let down?

Afraid to pull the trigger and buy anthing because you know there's a bed for you out there that you just haven't seen.

Good news then... I've been doing all that work for you!  

That's right, I have spent countless hours pouring through catalog after catalog looking for beds so you don't have to.

  What you will find here is The best Designer Curated Collection of Coastal & Modern Beds you can find on the internet. All different styles that will work great in any home design.

(assuming that is, that you have good taste and aren't looking for one of the ten zillion log beds out there I've had to dig through!  You know the one that would be perfect IF you lived in Colorado and it was your 3rd home)

Beds-Beds-Beds Shop Jill Shevlin Design Coastal & Modern Beds

Step 1- The Perfect Bed

HERE is where I've put togehter a collection of some of my favorite beds you can find on the  web.  

The beds above are a mix of styles that will work in any Coastal Modern Bedroom.

The ODESSA SHEARLING CANOPY BED is a great transition bed, not too contemporry and not too traditional.  Who doesnt' love a little gold...right?  I never get tired of a canopy bed, they just make a room.
The Queen Shimmer Upholstered Sleigh Bed is just right for anyone that wants a touch of Glam!  A little Luxury Master          Bedroom Suite for this beauty.

The wicker Del Rey Bed from Serena & Lily is perfect for any Guest Bedroom in a Coastal area. 

Another great bed from Serena & Lily the Cambridge Bed in Perennials® Coastal Blue Gingham.  It's Perennials fabric which is basically industructable, how could you go wrong?  There are several fabrics selections to choose from, but this blue, no maintance plaid is a traditional favorite to get a coastal beachy vibe in your bedroom.
I have to say, I'm not a fan of the overdone Tommy Bahama style but the Ivory Key White Pritchards Bay King Panel Bed in white tones is an easier version to live with.  It's a bit furniture store for me, but people seem to love it.

From the globe  traveling picker of Anthropologie we get the Heatherfield Bed which is a uniqe take on a cane and rattan bed.  Personally I love the velvet bed frame, it's a great mix with a touch of Retro Miami with it's Art Deco style.

You know it doesn't end there.  The Perfect Night Side Table,  AKA Night Stand is the next step to get the Bedroom Done.

Step 2 - Night Stands

Not to worry, I've pulled a few of my current favporite Bedside Tables for your viewing pleasure too!  Click on the image below to see even more night side table options at various price points.

Bed Side Tables, Night Stands, Luxury Bedroom Furnitre Coastal Modern Farmhouse Fresh JillShevlin Design

A Furniutre Finish that's always been a favorite with Interior Designer is a Lacquered finish and it's made it's way into the mainstream.  You'll see lots of great night stands with a Lacquered finsh over a texture.  Oh Yes Please!  Loving it!

Design defined Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Vero Beach Designer Define Lacquer

Are we done yet?  Sorry...not yet.  Next up is Lighting - But you knew that!

Step 3  - Light it Up

Lamps....yes of course step three is lamps.  

Goodness me I've seen my fair share of eeek worthy lamps.  (NOTE TO SELF - Gather all the hideous images and design disasters I've seen and put together in a Giant DON't post!)

I don't know if it's just the Designer in me, but I am a lamp snob -  guilty and owning it!  What can ruin an amazing interior... 

(I mean other than the obvious bad taste, cheap art, and ugly bedding)  bad  lamps!  People PLEASE!  I'm begging you!  Spend the money on a decent lamp!!!!

Seems as though people are a bit adverse to putting a couple of Dollars BI$$'s into good lamps.   I don't know why, lamps make or break the space and are so much better with substance and style!

Click on the image below to see some of my favorite lamps that you surely should check out if you are in need, or willing to up your lighting game a bit.

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps Jill Shevlin Design Vero beach Luxury Interior Designer Coastal Modern Home Decor
designer sourced lamps, interior designer jill shevlin vero beach designer lamps designer home decor

Below are images of a few Bedrooms, all in differing styles I've Designed.  

Look HERE for many more Beautiful Bedrooms in my Portfolio

I do love to Design Bedrooms!

Guys Bedroom In Gray Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer
Luxury Master Bedroom In Blue Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer
Bright Coastal Fresh Bedrooom Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer
Traditional West Indies in Pink and Green Bedrooom Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Hope you gained some inspriation!

Till next time....

Let's stay in touch.  Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter Below.

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer
bedroom DONE 3 simple steps with four poster beds
Night Stands, Night Side Tables Bedroom Buys

Why Not Wicker

10 Tips for adding Woven Wicker & Rattan to Your Home Decor

& still look Chic

Why Not Wicker?

Wicker isn't what it used to be

A Top Designer Go To

Add Texture, Tropical Flair and even Color with Wicker Here and There, why not?

why not wicker - natural fiber finds shop vero beach home decor jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

Wicker, rattan and natural woven goods are all great pieces to add to any room.  

And lets face it, we all probably have some old wicker or rattan piece that's been around forever that never quite made it to the donation or Facebook Market Place just yet.

Well I"m here to tell you why you should maybe just hang onto those vintage goodies. 

Wicker is all about Texture!  And Texture my friends  is the key to adding interest and variety to any home design.  

Rattan and woven furniture isn't what it used to be.   It's come along way from the bygone days of Boho hippie style. 

You can still easily capture that feeling if that's what you're after, but todays wicker and rattan are stylish and easy to mix into just about any decor.  

Here are my Top Ten Tips for Adding Wicker and Rattan to your home Decor While still looking Chic!

1.  Lift it Up

Super cool and trendy to day are swings, specifically hanging rattan swings.  They are all over the internet for casual chic, California cozy, coastal modern interiors.  Kids love them as well as adults. Come on who doesn't love to swing?  Not so surprising this is a style borrowed from the BoHo hippie days of the past.  

Serena & Lily has done quite a bit to help ramp up the woven furniture look with their current catalog of great furniture.  I mean how cozy and cute is this hanging chair?   This is a rattan classic stepped up a notch. 

Jill Shelvin Design Favorite Finds wicker rattan (1)

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home decor vero beach rattan circle chair

This circle chair is super fun for a game room or outdoor patio.  Lifted up and the perfect fit for two.

2.  Make a Big Statement

Why not make the texture piece or home decor item be THE STATEMENT in the room?  The key to using texture in natural products is to use it sparingly.  Don't go whole hog with a full on matching set of all things wicker and rattan.  That is the absolute worst thing to do.  Less is More when it comes to using texture with wicker and rattan.  If the statement piece like a bed is textural, the rest is not.

William Sanoma Home has (IMO) great furniture and is one of my favorite internet shopping sites.

A go to for just about anything I'm ever looking for AND some of the best woven beds around.  IF you dare to go big and get a wicker or woven texture bed, stop there and add in other pieces that are simple and compliment the statement piece.

If you are looking for another style bed, check out my shopping page BEDS HERE

and for tips on Internet Online Furniture Shopping Here

3.  Bold & Bright

Jill Shevlin design vero beach interior designer home decor wicker rattan

In this breakfast room I created a coastal - casual - modern space useing rattan.  It just happens to be painted, but the chairs are rattan.   Colorful, bright, happy just a cozy spot to eat or entertain. 

Below you can find a link to these same chairs as well as others from the same line.  Selamet Deisgns have some great modern takes on classic wicker and rattan furniture.

In the bedroom below, I used all sorts of texture but bold and standing out is the woven light fixture in the center of the room.

4. Light it Up

Texture in lighting!  Yes, there are Tons of great light fixtures in all sorts of natural materials that can be the statement in the room.  Add one to any room of the house.  

Woven Light Fixture Jill Shevlin Design Why Not Wicker Vero Beach interior Designer

5.  Go Funky

ten tips too add wicker and rattan to your home decor jill shevlin design Atrho Peacock Chair

There is no way you could use six of these Anthropologie Plumage Chairs, in  room in your home.  

But one statement piece like this current version of the vintage peacock chair will definitely be a statement or focal point of fun and interest in any room.  Great in a guest bedroom, fun as host chair(s) in the dining room.  

For sure you will run into something like this in any vintage store, possibly Goodwill and sometimes at a local garage sale.

6.  Vintage is Cool

You may be thinking that I am repeating myself here.  But Vintage doesn't have to be kooky and kitch.  Let's not forget that everything old is new again at some point in time.  The go to natural woven wicker and rattan looks of today are nothing more than new versions of what was hip long ago.   

The difference with wicker and rattan is the image that comes to mind when you think of it is old Florida condos furnished Top to Bottom in matching bad rattan and wicker sets.  You know Miami retirement.

The kick to that baaaad image is for years, vintage collectors have been picking up those exact pieces for years and now they are collectors items.  

I personally have a love of all things old, some of my former designer co-workers dubbed me the youngest old lady designer they know. (Ha Ha who's laughing now?!)

Some of my favorite shopping spots in Palm Beach are filled to the brim with vintage wicker and rattan.  If you get a chance check them out.

Palm Beach Regency / Circa Who / Bamboo & Rattan

Here's an interesting article from the WSJ about Bamboo & Rattan in WPB

Here's a link to a Pintrest Search for Vintage Wicker some pretty cool pieces!

Personal Disclaimer...I am currently using a natural woven coffee table that was in my house as a kid!  It lived in storage for a 
L-O-N-G time and recently made a reappearance in my Living Room.  Honestly, I'm not sure if I love it for the sentiment or the look but either way, it's staying!

7.  Works Outdoors or Indoors

100% True!  Most rattan can withstand living covered outdoors.  It makes sense then if you are looking to capture the outdoors in our create one Great Room that includes your outdoor areas wicker and rattan are for you!

Almost every outdoor furniture line carries wicker or a synthetic wicker that can live 100% outdoors.  Casual and comfortable outdoor living at it's best.

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Creates a casual outdoor seating area pool side under a gazebo in a Vero Beach Home, Vero Beach Interior Designer

8.  Easy Care

Hose it off, literally you can hose it off to clean it.  Does't get easier than that!  I vacuum mine regularly and about once a year drag it outside and hose it off.

9.  Durable

If it's been around for a long time, it must be sturdy.  Wicker and rattan are both, been around and sturdy.  

Coastal modern with wicker Jill Shevlin Design Shop vero beach home decor

10.  Flexible

Paint it, wrap it, reupholster it so many ways to change up both wicker and rattan.  Plain brown rattan painted becomes an entirely new look and perhaps another decade of life out of a simple piece of furniture.  No to mention you can get any look you desire from wicker and rattan, coastal modern, casual farmhouse, cottage quaint, tropical paradise.  You name it, wicker and rattan work.

There you go.  My Top Ten Tips for Using Wicker and Rattan in your Home Decor.  

I hope you found a good reason to keep, reuse or find something wicker or rattan to add to your home.

Till Next time.....

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer
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10 tips to add wicker to your home decor
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