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I’ve just started working on a project in Southern California, (Yay!) So Excited!  Always fun to get out of town and work in a new area.  I decided to do a little looking through local architects and designers web sites to get an idea of the style, which I presumed to be vastly different from little ole Vero Beach.  I came across an amazing web site for a southern CA Architectural firm,  Island Architects.    I was not looking for anything in particular, but as I looked through their portfolio I found that they appear to be fans of curved stair cases.  I am a fan as well.  It is almost hard to believe but Way-Back-In-the-Day my final portfolio project in college incorporated a curved stair.  You could say I’ve had an appreciation for curved stairs for some time.   The photo above is from a project I did in the Dutchess County area of New York.  Tucked nicely below is a small Powder Room that we turned into a little jewel box with a floating marble countertop, basketweave floor, great textured wall covering and a not seen lovely mini chandelier my clinets found in New Orleans.  I love that the photos below all from Island Architects, all curved have a unique presence fo their own.  Enjoy!

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