GET THE LOOK Chic Bedroom in Blue

Step 1 = Great Bed

Design Finds Bedroom Simple Chic

There is Nothing more comfortable than a great bed.

When it looks good, it feels good! 

Simple is always a great Design

A lovely upholstered bed with nail head trim in a soft blue, is just asking for someone to jump in and RELAX 

I've rounded up a couple of bedroom pieces that will get you the best looking bedroom.

Put all these pieces together and you'll have one Super Chic Bedroom

Bedrooms are one of my Favorite rooms to design.  

They seem to come together easily and can vary quite a bit even in the same house.

Check out some of my bedroom designs in my portfilo here.

Step 2 - Fabulous Night Side Table

Neutral Night Starnd With Single Drawer Design Finds Bedroom Simple Chic

Love the simple design of this bedside table.  It's just right for any situation.  A little bit on the contemporary side because it's so sleek.  

But I am a firm believer that less is more.

Simple is always a great Design Detail

This is a well priced table that comes in two finish options.  The other finish choice is a pale gray check it out here.  

It's a great size at 34" wide and 19" deep.

Pair the bedside table with the Absolutely Stunning Crystal Lamp below....and WOW!  

Step 3 - Stunning Lamp

Design Finds Bedroom Simple Chic (1)

This crystal Balustrade Lamp is one of my all time favorites.  It works well just about anywhere.  Sparkle without the flash.

Simple is always a great Design Detail

Not an inexpensive lamp, but definitely something you will keep and love Forever! 

It's a great height for a bedroom lamp  33" high.

Find more great lamps on the JSD Shop Lamps Page too.

If you want to shop different Bed styles you can find them here.

I wrote a blog article on Ten of my own Bedroom Designs that you can find here.

Step 4 Bedding

I will save the bedding for the next blog post.  

TIP- High Thread Count is a MUST!  

Ralph Lauren Duvet Cover

Hope you are on your way to sweet dreams in your new Chic Blue Bedroom!

Till Next Time....

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer
Vero Beach Interior Designer Jill Shevin Design FindsSimple Chic Bedroom in Blue

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