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Elevate Your New Custom Home by 

Hiring an Interior Designer and the essential role of Designers in providing furniture.

Greetings Friends! If you're navigating the thrilling journey of crafting your dream abode, lucky you!!  Let me seamlessly guide you through the myriad advantages of working with an interior designer on board – the secret sauce to turning your vision into a jaw-dropping reality.  

1.  Tailored Elegance that Speaks Your Language

Picture this: walking into your new home and feeling an immediate connection. An interior designer is like a linguistic genius, effortlessly interpreting your desires and preferences to create a space that resonates with you on a deeply personal level. From the color palette to the furniture choices, every element seamlessly weaves into a narrative that reflects your unique taste.  That’s worth the price of admission alone!

A coastal kitchen is displayed with a green plant and a white island, paired with wooden accents. Jill Shevlin vero beach interior designer

2.  Time is Money – Save Both

Time is a precious commodity, especially when you're overseeing the construction of a custom home. Interior designers are your time-traveling knights in stylish armor, efficiently saving you the hassle of endless furniture hunting and decision-making. This allows you to focus on the big picture, while we, seamlessly, handle the nitty-gritty details. Your weekends are meant for relaxation – not for endless, transitional trips to furniture stores or hours chasing down pieces on the internet.

A custom kitchen by vero beach interior designer jill shevlin.  the best designer in vero beach

3.  Access to Exclusive Resources

 Have you ever drooled over those one-of-a-kind pieces in design magazines, wondering where mere mortals can find them? Well, interior designers have a backstage pass to exclusive resources, suppliers, and artisans, effortlessly turning your home into a curated masterpiece featuring unique and luxurious elements that seamlessly set it apart from the rest.

A light, bright, white kitchen is displayed with wooden accents and a green plants. Jill Shevlin vero beach florida number one interior designer

4.  Budgeting and Cost Efficiency

 Fear not, Interior designers are not just about opulence; they're also financial wizards. Seamlessly, they work with your budget, finding the best deals without compromising on quality. Their expertise ensures that your money is invested wisely, optimizing every dollar spent for maximum impact.

Kitchen with blue and white backsplash, blue quartz island top fourteen light chandelier Jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

5.  Flawless Functionality

A beautifully designed home should not only be easy on the eyes but also a joy to live in. Interior designers are space maestros, seamlessly balancing aesthetics with functionality. They effortlessly understand the flow of a room, ensuring that your home is not just a visual feast but also a practical, comfortable haven for daily living.

Jill Shevlin design best vero beach interior designer Butlers Pantry in white with black granite top jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

6.  Avoid Design Disasters

 Have you ever tried to DIY a home project and ended up with a Pinterest fail? Interior designers are the seamless antidote to design disasters. They bring a trained eye, effortlessly preventing costly mistakes and ensuring that every element harmonizes seamlessly. Your home will be a work of art, not a mishmash of well-intentioned but misguided attempts.

coastal white kithen jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

7.  Stress-Free Zone

 Building or renovating a high-end custom home is stressful enough. Let an me be your stress-buster, seamlessly handling the logistics, coordinating with contractors, and troubleshooting any hiccups that may arise. Your job? Sit back, relax, and seamlessly watch your dream home come to life.

beautiful traditional kitchen kitchen with blue wing chairs Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach interior Designer

8.  The Essential Role of Furniture Selection

Now, here's the piece de resistance – allowing your interior designer to supply furniture. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about the cohesion of your design vision. Designers have a knack for selecting pieces that seamlessly complement the overall design, ensuring a harmonious flow from room to room. Additionally, they have access to exclusive furniture suppliers, guaranteeing that your home is adorned with unique, statement pieces that can't be found in mainstream stores. For more read this article on how Furniture Selection is part of an Interior Designers Role.

wet bar with mirrored backsplash jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

Investing in an interior designer for your custom home is not just about aesthetics – it's about creating a living masterpiece that reflects your style, values, and aspirations.

Why?  You may ask do I need an Interior Designer when I have an architect?

Incorporating an architect into the process of designing your home is necessary.  However, it's extremely beneficial to collaborate with both an architect and an interior designer. While architects primarily focus on the structural and exterior aspects of the home, interior designers specialize in creating stunning and functional living spaces within.  Elle Decor explains why it's worth it to hire a designer here in a recent article. 

A few critical reasons to build the "Dream Team"

1.  Architects Shape the Structure

 Architects are masterful creators of the overall structure and aesthetics of your home. They consider factors such as space planning, exterior design, and structural integrity. Their expertise ensures that your home not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

2.  Interior Designers Craft Livable Interiors

 Interior designers, on the other hand, specialize in creating interiors that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They bring a unique skill set to the table, focusing on elements like color schemes, furniture selection, lighting, and overall ambiance. Interior designers ensure that your home is not just a shell but a comfortable, stylish haven tailored to your taste.

Jill Shevlin Design Vero beach interior designer kitchen with stainless hood and pendant lights with shades

3.  Collaboration for a Cohesive Vision

 The magic truly happens when architects and interior designers collaborate. This synergy ensures that the overall design, from the exterior architecture to the interior furnishings, is cohesive and harmonious. The result is a seamless transition from the exterior grandeur to the interior elegance.  A blog post by Mountain Luxe Interiors gives four reasons why interior designer are an important in a new custom home build here.

4.  Efficiency and Time Management

 While architects oversee the structural aspects of the project, interior designers manage the finer details that make a house a home. This division of labor can lead to greater efficiency and time management, ensuring that both the exterior and interior aspects of your home progress smoothly and in tandem.

coastal modern kitchen jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

5.  Comprehensive Expertise

 Architects and interior designers each bring their own expertise to the table. Architects excel in spatial design, construction detailing, and external aesthetics, while interior designers excel in creating functional, beautiful spaces. Combining these skill sets results in a home that is not only architecturally sound but also a delight to live in.

6. Optimized Budget Allocation

Collaborating with both professionals allows for optimized budget allocation. Architects focus on the structural aspects, while interior designers manage the interior finishes and furnishings. This dual approach ensures that your budget is allocated efficiently, minimizing unnecessary expenses.

The collaboration between architects and interior designers is a winning combination for creating any custom home that is both architecturally stunning and beautifully furnished. Architects lay the foundation for an exquisite exterior, while interior designers bring their expertise to the interiors, ensuring a harmonious and stylish living space. Together, they can turn your dream home into a complete masterpiece, seamlessly integrating architectural brilliance with interior design finesse.

So, go ahead, seamlessly elevate your home, and let the magic of interior design effortlessly transform your dream residence into a reality worth living in.

Cheers to the seamless journey of a lifetime!

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