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It’s hard to believe Labor Day 2017 is here!  Feels like just yesterday was the first of the year…but it also seems like I say that all the time.  There is no denying it – time flies!  Well anyway, in honor of the end of Summer I spent some time digging around the internet for a couple of reasons  #1.  Learning new app programs to grow this, my new blog.  The apps are supposed to be the new way to get your name out there in the world for what ever reason you would want to be known.  and #2.  To see if I could find items that anyone could purchase to “get the look” of spaces I have designed.  This outdoor seating area seems as simple an image as I could find to start with.  Being that this is my first run with both blogging and affiliate links.

I actually spend a great amount of time simply shopping on the internet every single day.  I no longer take paper catalogs from my vendors, even though they all still bring them by.  I have a good amount of them take them back after I look through.  The truth is – paper catalogs simply create Stacks and piles in my office I never look at again.  Not to mention the trees that were sacrificed to create what eventually ends up as garbage.  

I do use my  Pinterest page as my own personal design catalog system for Everything from furniture, lighting accessories and even ideas I collect.  I have my account organized in a way that allows me to pull ideas and products at any given moment to show clients an actual photo of what I have in mind.   I started on Pinterest Way-Back-In-The-Day when you had to be invited and accepted to use the platform.  Like everything, it has grown and figuring out how to manage the vast amount of images was a learning curve, to say the least.

And that my friends is the long way around explaining why I decide to try my hand at blogging with the affiliate links.  Hopefully a win-win!  I can share all the wonderful things I find on a daily basis and if all goes as planned If  you actually decide to buy any of the items I have suggested, I will make a commission.  Cha Ching!  I doubt I’ll be able to quit my day job – but – why would I ever want to do that?  

SO here I go.  Please forgive any growing pains, this is allot of learning for this ole girl on the internet program side!  








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