Consider these four things long before you start a home remodel

Does multitasking stress you out? 

Are you able to make decisions quickly without any hesitation?

Can you handle unexpected challenges that may alter the course of your plan?

If your answer is YES to any or all of these, I can almost certainly tell you

A Home Renovation will be an Overwhelming Experience.  

It’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or even annoyed by the unexpected nature of a home renovation, especially if the process isn’t what you expected it to be. However, I always say that a home renovation is not a black-and-white venture. It’s more of an artistic journey in construction that requires you to ebb and flow with the tide of changes that come along with it.

Today, I’m going to help you prepare for your next home renovation with these 4 crucial things you need to know before starting your next home renovation…

1. Always Start with a PLAN

2. Hire a Professional to save time and money.

3. Realize going in things gets worse before they get better!

4. It is Absolutely worth it.

Kitchen Renovation Before and After Jill Shevlin Design
beautiful traditional kitchen kitchen with blue wing chairs

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mahogany and woven counter stool

1. Always Start with a Design Plan

When you are considering a home renovation, it is a good idea to enlist the help of an interior designer before you visit a contractor or builder. A designer knows all the information any builder will need to give you an accurate budget for your project.  

When you approach a builder, you need to be ready to provide your builder-specific selections. Without specifics, the builder will price your project based on the lowest price for every element in your home. Features like plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, and backsplashes, the list goes on and on. All these selections are critical to the project, and you need to make sure you’re getting the quality you expect from your home renovation.

I like to say building or renovating a home is priced like a car. You can buy a Jeep or a Mercedes G-Wagon, and both will get you where you need to go but not for the same price. The same logic applies to home selections.  


I like to say building or renovating a home is priced like a car. You can buy a Jeep or a Mercedes G-Wagon, and both will get you where you need to go but not for the same price. The same logic applies to home selections.  

Contractors do fantastic work, and walking on a job site is exhilarating for me. The entire process is enjoyable because I love problem-solving and working out details that unexpectedly come up, and thinking on my feet.  

However, with as much respect as I have for what a contractor does, I 1000% would not want a contractor to design my house. Contractors build a great product, but in my humble opinion, they should leave the design to the design pros.

Traditional Kitchen with a contemporary kick jill shevlin design

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2. Hire Professionals to Save Time and Money

Personally, I am in no any way, shape, or form a DIYer. I am, however, the best “Let me tell you how I want it done” type of person.  

With that said, I would not encourage anyone to take on a DIY task that you have no experience with. Especially projects that could result in expensive mistakes or, even worse, exaggerated time frames.

seating area home remodel white walls

3. It Looks Worse Before it Looks Better

Renovating is a dirty job! Builders are pros at building and making a giant M-E-S-S! One thing is for sure, construction sites are never-ending and always messy. Dirt and dust go everywhere, and in places you didn't think could get dirty. 

I say this with more conviction than anything else, it is a nightmare to live through a renovation, and it is not even a thought you should consider.  

Not only that, but the progress is also generally slow. Snail’s pace slow. Anything and everything needs to be completed in a specific order and sequence. Each aspect requires a different subcontractor, so the other needs to have completed his portion before one can start. 

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4. It is Absolutely Worth It

There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

The most rewarding part of a renovation is the finished product! Oh my gosh, how I love a good before and after story. I often tell my clients, it's like having a baby. Once it's over, you forget about all the pain you endured along the way. Instead, you revel in the beautiful home you've created, and it is pure bliss. 

I waited 20 years to do my kitchen renovation, and even though it was beyond difficult and took eight months longer than expected (thanks to the pandemic), I never once regretted it.

Looking for help with your next home renovation?

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