Before and After a Master Bath Renovation

There is no denying my love for a good Before and After story.  This one is no exception.

My clients came to me after purchasing the waterfront home for the beautiful River view, they loved the lot, location and size of the home.   They were not quite as impressed with most of the interior layout, the windows, the Bathroom, the Kitchen and the complete lack of architectural details in the house.

Let’s just say they were prepared for a Major renovation.

Jill Shevlin Design, Master Bathroom with Freestanding Waterworks Empire Tub Master Bath Renovation Vero Beach


It helps to understand that my clients we completely open to any ideas I had for making changes to the house.  There were some absolute must-do items on their to-do list which would require reconfiguring the floor plan and some major reworking things like ceilings and flooring.  The Master Bathroom was definitely a high priority on the to-do list.  The original plan had two separate areas – his with shower and hers with a shower and a tub between both.   The bathroom was divided from the Master Bedroom by a hall visible from the Living Room.  Passing through the hall you would come to another hallway with closets on each side.

You can see the configuration in the photo below.

Jill Shevlin Design Master Bedroom Dressing Area Custom Island. Home Renovation

I proposed we remove all the closets and create an open “Dressing Room” with a center island to take full advantage of the amazing view.  They were 100% on board and we set out to create a new Master Bedroom Oasis.  In the photo above you can see the tub and how open and bright space now is.  The wood floors in the Dressing Room and bathroom are new as are the cabinets which are actually the Master Bedroom Closets.  We were able to create a center island with drawers on each side – his and hers – and even managed to get a desk in for her.

A great light fixture above the island is open and airy to not block any of the views.


Before Photo of Bathroom Remodel

Pardon my blurry photo but this is the before image standing in the hallway of the  Master Bedroom between His/Hers closets looking into the Master Bath.  Although we removed all the walls, the tub location did not change in the new plan.  Below you can see the old drop-in tub and the walls on both sides


Bathroom Remodel Before Image

On each side of the tub, behind walls was a vanity, W/C, and shower for him and her.


Before Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Before Remodel

Bathroom Before Remodel

The destruction before the reconstruction.  As you can see, we completely gutted the bath,  We removed Everything!  And started from scratch.


Gutted Master Bath prior to Remodel

In the progress photo below you can see how large the room actually is.  New Cabinets, new tub, new flooring, new windows, practically a new house!


Tub Install Master Bath Renovation

That is an amazing freestanding Empire tub from Water WorksWater Works Empire Tub

Jill Shevlin Design, Vero Beach Interior Designer, Vero Beach Home Remodel, Home Renovation

This is her side of the bathroom with a makeup area and long vanity.  It is hard to see in the photo but each of the smaller mirror panels is an inset medicine cabinet with slim chrome pulls.

The floor is a combination of Crema Marfil and Thasos Marble while the countertops are Mystery White marble.

The transformation is pretty remarkable.  What do you think?  Want to see more of my Bathroom Designs?  Check out my portfolio here.

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