Melding Modern Furniture into Timeless Traditions in your Vero Beach Home.

1.  Embrace Contrast

2.  Focus on Key Statement Pieces

3.  Harmonize Colors and Materials

4.  Blend Timeless Shapes with Contemporary Lines

5.  Play with Textures

6.  Thoughtful Placement

There is nothing I love more than to mix pieces from different styles to create a unique and one-of-a-kind interior.  A Corbusier lounge chair in a room with a traditional sofa is a great juxtaposition as well as an interesting contrast.  I completely embrace the allure of blending the old with the new. Modern furniture, with its clean lines and innovative designs, can breathe fresh life into traditional settings, creating a harmonious fusion of styles. In this blog post, I'll share some insights into the art of incorporating modern furniture into classic spaces, adding a contemporary flair while preserving the timeless charm.

1.  Embrace Contrast

One of the most effective ways to seamlessly integrate modern furniture into a traditional setting is by embracing the power of contrast. I recommend placing a sleek, minimalist sofa against a backdrop of rich, ornate wallpaper or within a room adorned with traditional molding. The contrast not only highlights the uniqueness of each piece but also creates a dynamic visual impact.

2.  Focus on Key Statement Pieces

 Instead of overwhelming the space with an abundance of modern elements, choose a few key statement pieces that will serve as focal points. A modern accent chair, a chic coffee table, or a stylish lighting fixture can transform the ambiance without overshadowing the classic elements of the room.

modern mix of traditional with modern accents

3.  Harmonize Colors and Materials

Create cohesion between modern and traditional elements by harmonizing colors and materials. Choose modern furniture pieces that share a color palette with the existing decor. Integrating materials such as wood, metal, or glass that complement the traditional setting will ensure a seamless transition between styles.

art filled living room art filled living room  in the moorings vero beach jill shevlin design interior designer

4.  Blend Timeless Shapes with Contemporary Lines

 Achieving a balance between traditional and modern aesthetics involves blending timeless shapes with contemporary lines. I recommend incorporating furniture with classic silhouettes but modern finishes or vice versa. This juxtaposition creates a sense of continuity while infusing a touch of contemporary design.

contemporary office with wood paneled wall jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

5.  Play with Textures

Texture adds depth and visual interest to any space. Introduce modern furniture with intriguing textures, such as sleek metals, smooth leathers, or polished surfaces, into a traditional setting. This not only enhances the tactile experience but also elevates the overall design aesthetic.

Traditional Kitchen with a contemporary kick jill shevlin design

6.  Thoughtful Placement

 Pay attention to the placement of modern furniture within the traditional setting. Allow each piece to breathe and create a sense of balance. Avoid overcrowding and strategically position modern elements to complement existing focal points in the room.

white modern table table

Incorporating modern furniture into a traditional setting is a design challenge that I embrace with enthusiasm. By embracing contrast, focusing on key statement pieces, harmonizing colors and materials, blending timeless shapes with contemporary lines, playing with textures, and thoughtful placement, you can achieve a seamless integration that celebrates the best of both worlds. Let your living space tell a story of timeless traditions and modern sophistication.

Here's an article from Architectural Digest with some more tips on mixing in modern.

Modern Monday  - Shop for Furniture and Accessories


The Start of High Point Furniture Market

Wow!  I came into work today as usual and started pecking through the 1000 or so emails I received over the weekend.  99% of my of my mail is usually product or industry related. This weekend was the start of the High Point Furniture Market.  Which means my inbox was FULL of all the new products every showroom has to offer.   I've been to High Point more times than I can remember and I just wasn't prepared to do the march this year.  It's worked out well.  With Social Media I still see everything, from the comfort of my own home!  

I've just started and still have about 800 emails to go in my inbox.  But I was inspired to share some Modern Monday Finds Immediately.  Hope you find some inspiration!  Stay tuned for more Market Reveals.

Modern Monday Finds Shop Jill Shevlin Design

Kind of a mixed bag of some Coastal Modern Monday pics.   

If you don't know I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE a simple four poster bed!  This bed is a great traditional bed with a modern twist.  The light fixture is right on trend.  How can you go wrong with a abstract art piece?  And the coffee's all that, two of my favorite things coastal and modern all together in one Modern Mix!  

Duke+Platform+Canopy+Bed jill shevlin design vero beach florida
Coastal Modern Wrapped four poster bed
jillshevlin design vero beach interior designer modern four poster bed
crystal drop light fixture jill shevlin design
MonetBed modern upholstered bed jill shevlin design vero beach interior design
rope and glass table contemporary beach style jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

Amani Rope And Glass Coffee Table

The Amani Rope And Glass Coffee Table will have your looking from every angle. A transitional piece that looks great in any desired setting.

  • Bottom is fully wrapped in rope
  • Tempered glass table top
  • Adjustable feet
  • Weight: approximately 189 lbs
Modern Black Light Fixture Shop Jill Shelvin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

A minimalist, elegant and novel look are created with the Hendrix Chandelier's layers of dark tubes and ridged, brass finished spheres. The Hendrix Chandelier's light source peeks out through well-placed apertures, scintillating glimpses of crackling energy.

Coastal Modern Beach Four Poster Bed Shop Jill Shevlin Design

Duke Poster Bed, Warm White

The Duke Poster Bed epitomizes a balance between rustic and modern. This bed exudes a modern Hampton's vibe, relaxed and contemporary.

  • Linen upholstered headboard
  • Square button tufting on headboard
  • Two-tone beech, poplar and oak wood frame
  • Assembly required
  • Weight: approximately 187; 197 lbs

Well there you go.  A quick Modern Monday Moment to get your week started with an chic coastal modern look.

Till next time....

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