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Elevate Your Space 

Must-Have High-End Home Decor Tips for Your Dream Home

by Expert Vero Beach Interior Designer Jill Shevlin 

Is now the opportune time to engage in a thoughtful and sophisticated reevaluation of your living space?  For discerning clients with an appreciation for luxury high-end design, the prospect of revitalizing your home becomes a curated endeavor. 

It is time to creatively spring clean and re-envision your home. Whether you dream of embracing color or mixing up different styles, there is select home decor that will make your vision a reality.  By playing with different textures in home design, you  create high-end home finishes that are artistic, original, practical, and simply captivating. 

Let’s dive into some must-haves when it comes to high-end decor!

High End Home Decor To Make Your Dream Home Real

Welcoming guests into your home is a delightful endeavor. Plus, it’s made all the more fun when the space is designed for beauty. 

Inviting people inside your artistically decorated home is indeed one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, it can be tricky to make an outside space feel elegant and refined since nature doesn’t always allow for delicate decor. This is why we recommend outdoor wicker furniture for charming high end decor.

Textures To Appreciate

Wicker is a style of weaving dating as far back as 3,000 B.C. to Ancient Egypt. The tombs of wealthy pharaohs carried wicker chairs, boxes, baskets, and chests. This technique, passed down through centuries, has reemerged in modern furniture designs, and for good reason. Because outdoor wicker furniture is all woven by hand, the quality endures all kinds of weather. And the appearance remains flawless.

Why Wicker for High End Residential Interior Designers 

Tamara Magel, a high end designer shares, “The best way to balance out sleek lines and contemporary furniture is by adding a few unique natural elements, from driftwood to greenery. ‘I don’t like to look around a house and not see touches from the outdoors.’”

We are certainly in agreement. Imagine the woven textures of wicker-style furniture inside your home. An element of aliveness suddenly comes into play.

Meanwhile, Sharon Blaustein, founder of B Interior is an award-winning Interior Design Studio specializing in high-end residential design. She shares, “Sure, your eyes may want the most modern, chic couch in the showroom. But your back may not. ‘In my experience, it’s really better to test out seating and take the time to look at the dimensions.’” 

We second that by stressing the importance of testing out your high-end furniture to ensure its practicality. You want to design your home with selected pieces that are not only alluring but practically enjoyable. 

High End Finishes With Stylish Bar Stools

There’s no doubt your guests will be coming over for laughs and drinks this summer. A memorable aspect of sitting at a bar is the seat itself. You’ll want your friends to feel comfy in suitable sculpted stools where you can all enjoy yourself. Therefore, investing in luxurious bar stools is a sure way to entertain everyone and be admired for such uniqueness. 

Also, let’s not forget the growing popularity of kitchen islands. Counter-height seating is in demand now more than ever. It’s also important that kitchen counter bar stools feel comfortable if we want our guests to feel at home and at ease. 

Coastal casual kitchen stools can vary from tribal style to iron and velvet, all the way to woven banana leaves. Visit our bar stool page to see all the different designs and start reimaging your dream home.

Weave the Vision for Your Vero Beach Home

At Jill Shevlin Design, we are committed to helping you actualize your vision for your dream home. We specialize in creating high-end custom residential interior designs of all kinds. Providing our customers with imaginative and detailed project descriptions makes their vision clearer. And together, we create the high-end home of their dreams. Learn more about our process today.

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