Orchid Island

Courtyard Home Design

orchid island courtyard home design

  • Architect: Moulton Layne
  • Contractor: The Hill Group
  • Location: Orchid Island, FL
  • Award(s): Published in Home, Life & Design
  • Photography by: Aric Attas

We wanted our home to be comforting and inviting, with an elegant, casual style. A few friends have told us that it has a ‘peaceful’ feel to it.

Jill Shevlin Design masterfully designed this new, light-filled Orchid Island courtyard home for her veteran home-building clients. Her casual yet elegant design takes full advantage of the home’s expansive courtyard that can be viewed from all rooms of the house. 

The bright colors and comfortable furnishings in this courtyard home design project give the space a welcoming feel, perfect for gathering around the kitchen table or enjoying the outdoor living space. In the formal living room, dark wood furniture is paired with light blue and yellow sofas and upholstered chairs to create a warm and stylish yet relaxed feeling throughout the room. The pastel color palette continues throughout the room, from the wall color to the curtains and accessories, which imparts a serene ambiance within an otherwise formal space. 

The family room’s expansive floor-to-ceiling windows open up the room and embrace the beautiful Orchid Island location. The room’s beige, white, blue, and yellow color scheme pair perfectly with rattan accents and woodweave blinds for a relaxed and peaceful home design. Large swivel lounge chairs and an oversized ottoman make a perfect space for easy-going days with the family.

Both the master bedroom and the guest room of this courtyard home design exude tropical vibrations, with quite different results. The master bedroom feels like a tranquil Florida escape, with dark wood, traditional furnishings and green and beige stria painted walls. The wall art and neutral yet floral throw pillows contribute to this thematic yet sophisticated space. 

The guest bedroom, on the other hand, is a vibrant, fun and quirky space. Bright, tropical colors starkly contrast white accents in a room that instantly transports one to the beach. Perfect for grandchildren and out-of-town visitors, the guest room lets all know they are welcome and can expect a wonderful time with their hosts. This Orchid Island home truly showcases the versatility of Jill Shevlin’s design eye and capabilities.