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The kitchen is the source of comfortable meals, communal living, and memories in the making. It’s the place where delicious meals are prepared and a few glasses of wine are shared. Jill Shevlin Design creates beautiful and functional kitchens and casual eating areas for clients in Vero Beach, Florida, and beyond. Contact her team to watch your dream kitchen become your own.

“Jill Shevlin assisted us with the building of our house from the ground up and was very helpful in every step of the process including the designing of creative marble floors and bathroom showers. She listens very carefully to her clients and is able to translate their wishes to reality. She is very adept at working with patterns, colors, and various furniture styles while combing them into a unified statement that achieves the desired effect. Each project, no matter how large or small, merits her undivided attention.”

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Miller

Vero Beach

“We are actually on our second job with Jill …this time we are building a house and Jill has been involved from the beginning. She brings an air of relaxed professionalism to all aspects of the project…from the electrical walk-thru to finding the right desk chair! By incorporating our lifestyle and preferences into the design process, she has created a unique, personalized home. She obviously enjoys her work and we enjoy working with her.”

 Jay & Maryellen Conefry

Vero Beach

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