new construction

Orchid Island, Florida

Orchid Island Oceanfront Home Design

  • Location: Orchid Island, Florida
  • Architect: Jackson Kirschner
  • Contractor: The Hill Group
  • Award(s): Published in Florida Architecture & Southern Accents Magazine 
  • Photography by: Sargent Architectural Photography

We can’t say enough good things about Jill Shevlin and her staff. They helped us through the full cycle of planning, designing, and construction of our new home. Her knowledge and insight helped us improve our design and navigate the difficult decisions during construction.

We achieved a harmonious blend of casual elegance and comfort in our clients’ stunning Orchid Island beach house. The design seamlessly incorporates the breathtaking ocean views into every aspect of the home and the spacious layout caters to a growing family. This Vero Beach new construction project successfully combines elegance with a warm and inviting atmosphere, fulfilling the owners' vision of a luxurious yet unpretentious oceanfront home.