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Orchid Island


New hOme Construction Orchid Island

Jill is a pleasure to work with. She invites creativity from her clients and can embrace new ideas.

Jill Shevlin helped long-time clients turn their new Orchid Island property into a bright and welcoming home. While much of the furniture already belonged to the clients and moved with them into the new home, Jill helped them reupholster nearly all of it to create the new desired look and feel.

The home is comfortable and casual, with sweeping lake views. The family room of the home showcases the beautiful scenery with its spacious windows. The seating area is neutral and comfortable with patterned, blue-accented throw pillows on the sofa and loveseat. The floor-to-ceiling drapes match the pillows and add to the dramatic outdoor view, while a palm blade fan overhead reinforces the beachy Orchid Island feel. Behind the sofas is a wooden dining table for eight, with a modern and bubbly chandelier hanging above.

In the formal living room, built-in shelves surround a sleek and minimal white fireplace. Beautifully upholstered beige and pastel blue furniture nod to the beach and match the beach scene painting hanging above the mantle. A modern palm blade fan tones down the formality and adds a cool, casual feel to the room.

The master bedroom is a beautiful blend of wood accents, bold patterns, and gorgeous views. The long, patterned drapes and enlarged windows favor those found in the casual living room. Beautifully decorated guest rooms with large beds and extra seating create a cozy, “I could live here,” sensation. Throughout the entire home, ample light flows in, allowing residents and visitors alike to soak up the irresistible Orchid Island Vero Beach location.

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