Are Your Renovation Expectations Realistic?

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Remodeling or renovating your home can feel like a crazy journey. With hundreds of decisions to make and dozens of schedules to choreograph, it's something that must be managed by a strong team — a team that involves you, the homeowner while leaving you out of the minutia. I know you are already busy and don't need be bogged down by every detail. At the same time, I want to make sure you have realistic  expectations about remodeling. I'm sure you know: It's not at all like HGTV.

Below are some of the top things you should be ready to experience during your home renovation.

1.  Time Lines and Budget

2.  Delays & Issues

3.  Your Decisiveness


Renovations take months or years to reach full completion, and this timeline varies with the complexity of your unique project. Small, one-room projects are often known to require months of renovation time before they are livable, and that's just the reality of it. Full home remodels can require a full year (or even more) of consistent work.

Because of the longer duration of these projects, your budget should be mapped out strategically.


Delays in home projects are unavoidable right now, thanks to the pandemic and supply chain issues. As an industry, we are currently experiencing appliance and material shortages, pent-up demand, and not enough skilled tradespeople.

Pandemic and shortages aside, it's normal to experience delays due to weather. (Try digging a foundation in an unusually rainy season — ugh!) It's also typical to experience delays due to unforeseen issues. For example, a simple foyer renovation might turn into a mold remediation and rot repair project when we remove your old door system and discover the sill beneath is water damaged. We do our utmost to catch these issues during the planning phase, but some of it is simply impossible to find until demolition has ensued.


A dream client is a confident decision-maker. I've found that often, that confidence grows over time, especially when you realize that my job is to make those choices as easy for you as possible. Rather than overwhelm you, I curate the best options for each decision that must be made and then present the pros and cons.

I love it when all decision-makers are able to swiftly and smoothly let their opinions be known and move on to the next step. This does a lot to prevent unnecessary delays and overage expenses.

It is so important that you weigh out all the factors when deciding on a home remodel or renovation.

Are you Ready?

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What to expect during a home renovation

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Renovation Realities

If you're seeking an Interior Designer in Vero Beach, managing renovation timelines and budgets is essential for a successful project.  Call an expert Jill Shevlin Design.

In Vero Beach, home renovations may face delays due to industry challenges and unforeseen issues.

In Vero Beach, decisive decision-making by homeowners fosters smooth project progression and minimizes potential delays.