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 Glam Rock & Crystal Lighting 

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Bling- Baby - Bling

 Lighting made from rocks and glass for a little extra sparkle.  Jewlery for your home.

I never miss an opportunity to add a little "bling" to a project IF I have a client willig to participate!  Get a little Glam in your house with rock and crystal lighitng.  Why not add a little eye candy, home jewlery? A little bit can go a L-O-N-G way but always makes a statement.

Want to see some more lighting selections?  Take a peak over HERE at my Lamps Shopping Page.  

I don't know why it is So hard to find good lighting at a decent price.  As the saying goes...you get what you pay for, so if you buy a $40 lamp, you get a $40 lamp.  A $400 lamp...is a piece of work, an object to be appreciated, not just an average Lamp.  I may be jaded, occupational hazzard.  

Glam Crystal Lighting
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