Jill Shevlin’s designs are welcoming from the outside in. Set the tone with striking and elegant first impressions that are drawn from the same wellspring of inspiration inside.


Find your own brand of casual elegance in beautiful dining spaces that are equally suited for entertaining guests and intimate family gatherings.


Your bathroom should be your own personal oasis — a clean and fresh space for pristine private bathing.



Create an inviting environment from the moment you and your guests first step foot inside. Gorgeous entryways and foyers are the perfect way to welcome all who enter.


Entertain, relax, and comfortably inhabit ideal living spaces that reflect your individual life and style, allowing you to enjoy the true splendor of your home.


Make the most intimate space in your home uniquely yours. Jill Shevlin’s restful and serene bedrooms are tastefully designed for your comfort.


The heart of the home is for gathering, story-telling, preparing delicious meals, and making memories. Jill's kitchen interior designs marry beauty, function, and practicality.


Unwind in the space that feels most like home. Enjoy cozy living areas distinctly tailored to your personal tastes and lifestyle.



Find productivity and clarity in a custom workspace that embodies balance and focus. Let a sophisticated home office design inspire your best work.