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Did  you know you could find all sorts of chandeliers here on the JSD website?  Well you can!  

Below are several categories of chandeliers.  Bead style, Lantern Style, Natural Fiber chandeliers as well as Traditional Chandeliers.  Too many to choose from , I  know!  But I have filtered out the beasts and left just the best.  Whatever style you are looking for, you might just find it here.  

Shop coastal modern home decor here.   Jill Shevlin, Vero Beach Interior Designer.
Chandeliers bead chandeleir

Click on any Image below for more  information and pricing

Island Lighting Shop Vero Beach Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design Lighting Modern Fixtures
Fancy Chandeliers  all styles coasta modern, traditional, modern linear, lantern style lighting jill shevlin design vero beach
chandeliers for all decor, shell chandelier, lantern style pendant style shop lighting jill shelvin design
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