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Jill Shevlin Interior Designer, Vero Home Life & DesignVero Home Life & Design

It feels like I had a dream once…that I could….start a magazine! 

But W-A-I-T!!  It wasn’t a dream! 


Oh my gosh no…it was reality!  I poured my heart and soul into this project and called that baby – Vero Home Life & Design

I am just now recovering, oh a mere 2 years later from all the unintended side effects of this Monster project.  Mind you, while I took on the responsibility of a magazine that was published five times a year (what the heck was I thinking?)  I also continued my full-time job as an interior designer!! 

 I really, really, really loved the magazine and the concept I had for the project.  I loved photo styling, I loved the magazine layout design and I loved creating an editorial calendar. 

The list of what I didn’t love was a long one and Way too much to list here. 

There were SO many unexpected occurrences that when I finally gave it up – a hard thing to do – admit defeat!  I literally had to put every piece of the magazine away – out of sight, mind and thought…just to continue life as a functioning human being. 

Now, here I am – 2 years later and toying with the idea of resurrecting VHL&D.  

Believe me, I have learned my lessons and will not do things the same way. 

I was recently able to pull out an old issue of VHL&D, flip through it and realize I am pretty darn proud of what I created!  Proud enough, to even consider, what I Never in a million years thought I would consider.  

We’ll see how it evolves, but I am cracking open the thought. 

In the meantime, here are just a few of the covers from past issues.  Some are of my work, and all but one I was photo stylist for.   Memories, the good, the bad and the ugly!  Nothing ugly here! 





Jill Shevlin Design in VHLD-Fall-2014

Jill Shevlin Design in VHLD_Feb-Mar 2015

Jill Shevlin Design in VHLD_Winter_2015

You can still visit VHL&D online here

Forgive me – the site is a Mess!  But with hope and allot of work I may be able to fix it.  Stay Tuned!