Your Sofa - Your Style

What is the right Sofa Style for you?

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Your Sofa is likely THE most used piece of furniture in your home.  

Do you know what your Sofa Style is?

Here are the

Top Five Sofa Styles

The Perfect Seating for any Space


To be 100% honest, there are only four, yes that's right, just four styles of sofa I generally use.    

Four sofa styles that are my Go To's for most of my design projects.  

That being said, I wouldn't want you to think that I don't shake things up a bit for each and every client I work with.  

The truth of the matter is that even with just four basic styles there are a zillion (well, perhaps that's an overstatement) a bunch of different styling aspects that allows for a good array of different sofa styles.  And that's just considering the basics.  

When you factor in any fabric selection it is easy to make each sofa as unique for every project.  

Are they really all that different?  The answer is YES!  Oh my gosh YES!  

1- English Arm Sofa

English Arm Rolled Back Tight  Sofa Jill Shevlin Design_ Furnish Your Vero Beach Home, Vero Beach Home Furniture, Vero Beach Inteior Design

Classic and elegant the English Arm Sofa is perfect just about anywhere.  It can be configured in any number of different ways and below you can see how by simply changing the number of seat and back cushions make a big difference.  

A tight back sofa is not as comfortable as a loose pillow back, but it is nice and tidy.  No plumping pillows necessary here.

The Plaid Sofa below is very similar to the brown velvet sofa above -

but yet drastically different.  

A single seat cushion, print fabric and the addition of throw pillows changes basically the same sofa to a completely different look.

To see more Upholstered Sofa options check out the shopping page on my site here 

Single Seat English Arms Sofa Tight Back Loose Pillow

 Home Vero Beach, English Arm Tight Back Cushion (1

Below are a couple of English Arm Sofas in various seat and back configurations and it's easy to see how they appear to be completely different but each is the same style sofa.


Loose Back Two Seat English Arm Sofa with Throw Pillows

A little more relaxed and comfortable with a softer sit is a the loose back English Arm Sofa.

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer English Arm Rolled Back Tigh

This style will work almost anywhere.  

Upholstered in an off white linen this little sofa is a neutral backdrop easy to dress up or down depending upon the situation.

Dress this sofa up with ANY print or style of pillow you like to get the vibe you are looking for.  Pillows are any easy item to change out seasonally and an easy way to get a different look inexpensively.  

Shop for more decorative throw pillows here and check out these BOLD PILLOWS

Tight  Back Three Seat English Arm Sofa with 

Throw Pillows and Dressmaker Skirt

English Arm Sofa Tight Back Cushion Dressmaker Skirt Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

Same Sofa yet again a completely Different Look

This sofa Definitely has a much  more formal look with a beautiful Dressmaker skirt.  

A Dressmaker skirt is one of my favorites.  The skirt falls from the deck of the sofa down to the floor.  So pretty!

2- Square Arm Sofa

A more Casual Look

Square Arm Sofa Slipcovered with Dressmaker Skirt Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

A Square Arm Sofa is a more appropriate for a casual environment.  Not to say it can not work in a contemporary space because it can.   

The slip cover on this sofa lends to a more casual feel.  I am a Big fan of single seat sofas.  Single seats are great for laying back and relaxing on and they allow more room to pile in people and sit more than 2-3.  

Single seat sofas can be a bit more difficult to manage, especially slip covered cushions.   Getting the cushions on and off to wash is a job.  But worth the struggle IMO.

Tailored and Tight

Square Arm Sofa Three seat and Back Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

With three seat and back cushions a Square Arm Sofa with contrast welting is Casual yet Tailored.  

The contrast navy blue piping emphasizes the square shape of the sofa and pops.   

 Not having a skirt adds to the casual feel.  

Yet somehow the classic blue and white ticking stripe - in all forgiving indoor outdoor fabric from Sunbrella looks all pulled together.  A nautical or Ralph Lauren Look.

Simple and Square

quare Arm Sofa Three seat and Back Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

Simple and Clean just a cute little square arm Sofa with block feet.  

3-The Rolled Arm Sofa

Rolled Arm Sofas can be both Casual and/or Traditional

Rolled Arm Loose Pillows Tight Seat Sofa  Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

The sofa above is a little bit of both.  The loose back pillows in various sizes is casual, as is the big rolled arm.

The tight seat and tufted face are traditional.  

Rolled arms generally make the sofa quite a bit bigger than the other styles, generous in proportion and high in comfort!

Casual Rolled Arm Sofa 

Rolled Arm Sofa Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

Enter the classic ticking stripe in blue and white again but here on a rolled arm sofa.  This is a little dressy and a little causal.  The high skirt adds to the formality all while looking simple and easy going at the same time.  

Somewhere In Between

Rolled arm wood frame sofa jill shevlin design vero beach interior designer

Isn't she a pretty little sofa?  Single Seat - Rolled Arms - Painted Tapered Legs 

4 - Thin Flared Arm Sofa

Flared Thin Arm Sofa Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

5 - The Chesterfield or Tufted Sofa

Classic & Stylish

I just LOVE a tufted sofa!  It is not for everyone, but I ab-so-lute-ly Love them.  

At one time this classic Chesterfield style sofa could be found mainly in Leather in Libraries and Lawyers offices. 

Today it is a popular style for any home.  The high large rolled, tufted  arms are a signature of the Chesterfield Style sofa.  Now it is easy to find tufted sofas in every fabric, size, color and shape.  I personally think it's a pretty sexy looking sofa.

Tufted Sofa Chesterfield Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture
Pink Tufted Sofa Jill shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Shop Vero Beach Furniture

All the Rest

Then Some Others that Can't be Overlooked

So that can't be all you must be thinking?  Well it's not.  The options are unlimited the rest of these are "all the rest" that don'g quite fit into one of my top Five categories.  Still love them.

If you are in Vero Beach be sure to download your very own copy of my Designers Guide to Shopping Vero Beach.

Click Here

Hope you got some inspiration.  Till next time....

Jill Shevlin Design vero beach interior designer
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