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A Guest Post from Holly Clark

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 I am 100% of the believe that a great rug can make or break a room.   Getting the right look takes work and a dedication to finding the perfect fit for both your decor style and lifestyle.  Today's Tips on how to find a great area rug are from a guest, Holly Clark of LandofRugs.com  who asked to share her advice on selecting an area rug.    

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There is so wide a variety of area rugs on the market today that it may be easy to get confused as to which kind of rug you should use for your home. The choice you make is very important. A good rug complements your home and enhances the aesthetic value of all the other decorative elements in the house. A bad rug, on the other hand, can make a decent place look outdated.

How then, can you choose the best area rug for your home decor? Below are 5 factors you should consider before setting out to purchase a new area rug.

1- Color

The color of the area rug you choose for your rooms must coordinate well with the color of the walls of these rooms.  Various forms of color alliances can be formed, depending on what look you want to achieve in the end.

For a safe, no risk agreement let the color of your area rugs be the same as that of the walls. If you want to be a little creative, however, then select an area rug with multiple colors and plan the colors of the walls and perhaps the furniture in the room around those on the rug. This way, your room takes on a brighter, livelier appearance.

Custom Area Rug Jill Shevlin Design

In this bedroom I used a custom Wool Rug with a Soft Green Background and Off White Over scaled Damask Print

2- Texture

The texture of the area rug you choose for your room is also very important. It subtly adds character to the room, perhaps without even you realizing it. A wool rug, for example, with its soft and warm feel, complements smooth, shiny surfaces.

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Home Design Interior Designer New Home and Renovation

The Rug in this Casual Living Room is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES.  Sadly, it is no longer available.  It is a cotton and jute rug that could be customized in many ways.  Prior to being discontinued I used one on almost every project.  

3- Design

The design of the area rug you choose for your home is a testament to more than just your astuteness for colors and patterns. It is an expression of your personality.

Before selecting a design, you must be sure what look you are going for, whether modern or traditional, feisty or sublime. For a modern look and feel, go for geometric patterned rugs, while for the traditional, floral patterned rugs are an option.

Another thing to consider is where the rug is to be located. If it will be close to the dining area or the kitchen, you want to choose a rug that easily absorbs and hides stains. Rugs with multiple patterns and designs are good at doing this.

4- Material

Rugs can either be made from natural or synthesized materials. The most popular choice for most homes are wool rug. They are fairly durable and can easily be maintained, not to talk about the elegance they bring to your home. Silk is a close favorite, though it is more expensive.

For synthesized materials, you could consider polypropylene and nylon. They are much less expensive and have little maintenance needs. But then they also lack that warmth and cushion that area rugs made from natural materials bring.

Jill Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer

Natural Fiber rugs are now my Go-To Rug of choice.  This one is from Fibreworks and I use at least one in every project. 

5- Lifestyle

This is, the first factor you should consider when choosing the best area rug for your home. If you have children and pets, for example, you want to select a rug that is easy to clean and maintain. Wool rugs are a perfect choice for this scenario.

In general, when purchasing an area rug, choose one that is in harmony with your lifestyle. It will ensure that they last longer and save you money in the end.

When you put all of these major factors into consideration, you stand a better chance of finding the perfect rug that not only adds color and warmth to your home but is also, in many ways, a definition of you.

Author Bio:

Holly Clark who is part of the content & community outreach team at LandofRugs.com, is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.


In  my Opinion

There is nothing on the market that compares to a natural fiber rug (hint of yesterday's post still in me 😉 for a great look at a budget friendly price.  In the past I have used room sized sisal area rugs and then placed smaller more decorative and expensive rugs on top.  Natural fiber rugs are great for kids and pets.  They wear like iron and look amazing.

I recently  installed this little beauty of a rug in a clients closet.  He Loves Blue and wanted something soft to break up all the marble flooring.  I found this Loloi rug and it is just perfect.  The little  ottoman is a piece I had custom made for the space.

Jill Shevlin Desgin Area Rug in Closet Vero Beach Area Rugs

I purchased this rug for myself.  I love a natural fiber rug as a neutral, textured background. 

I've found that they are great for any high traffic areas as well as easy to care for.

Jill Shevlin Design Natrual Fiber Area Rug Vero Beach Home Decor

Just a friendly reminder, if you are ordering rugs online take a look at my post Designer Tips for Online Shopping.  

Hope you enjoyed the tips.  Till next time...

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Size Guide for Living Areas

living room rug layout sizing guide jill shevlin design vero beach home decor vero beach interior designer

There is nothing that can ruin the overall design of a room more than an incorrectly sized area rug.  Optimally you want to have all the furniture on the rug.  Too small and it looks like a postage stamp.  

Natural Fiber How to Choose and Area Rug Shevlin Design Vero Beach Interior Designer Vero Beach Living Room Furniture

In a bedroom the best size area rug leave enough room to step on comfortably when you get out of bed.

bedroom rug size guide jill shevlin design vero beach home decor vero beach interior designer
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