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From Dark & Dated to Bright & Blue

This kitchen renovation of an Orchid Island ocean front condo transformed and refreshed the space into a current cooks kitchen that is as comfortable as it is workable.  

Vero Beach Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Kitchen Renovation

Vero Beach Interior Designer Jill Shevlin Design Kitchen Renovation


Hard to believe the before once you’ve seen the after!

I still laugh a little to myself every time I see the finished photos.  The giant wing chairs in the eat in nook are Everything!  I have been working with these clients for several years before we decided to renovate the kitchen.  Some of the furniture we used came from a previous home in Connecticut, a Much larger home!  Theses blue chairs I affectionately called the Alice in Wonderland chairs because of their size.  They  had made the rounds from room to room as we updated and they never  felt just right for any space.  When the kitchen renovation was done and I was there installing all the last minute things I asked the movers to bring those chairs in to see.  Everyone thought I was crazy!  You know  every mover will give you their opinion – especially if it means they have to finagle a giant chair in to a room through a small door opening.  The minute the chairs hit the space it was a done deal.  Love at first sight and finally a home for our giant chairs!

Hope you agree!  I will post how to get the look ideas in a new post.

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