It may be more than you think.

You may think my job as an interior designer is like the designers you’ve seen on TV, spending the day surrounded by color swatches and flounces of fabric. But, contrary to popular belief, I do more than play with colors, fabrics, and pick nice furniture. All the pretty stuff is one of the fringe benefits of being an interior designer. Who wouldn’t love sifting through beautiful fabrics when they had the chance?  

However, interior design is much more than all the pretty, fluffy stuff. So, the question is…

What do interior designers really do?

Before I get into what we do all day, I would be remiss, not to mention the most challenging part of the job. Hands down, without a doubt, working with a wide variety of people, each of whom has their own idea of what looks good and what they like varies WILDLY!

Every client has their own definition of “good design.”  


This means I must work within any style to create each client’s design dream. It is one of the many things I do every day. It’s all about psychology, getting into clients' heads and pulling out what they want. It is hard for most people to tell me what they like. They are better at telling me what they don’t like. And often they don’t know what they don’t like until they see it! Are you with me so far?

Bathroom Sketch
After accessing the direction of the design for that client, I work from my bible,


It all starts and ends with the floor plan for me.  
I don't guess if anything will fit,
I don't hope that there will be an electric outlet behind a table,
I plan the entire process out.   

I live by the motto, "Plan Your Work - Work Your Plan." I work out all the details and options to provide my clients with the best possible action plan. I use computer drafting for all my design work, and it always starts with a floor plan. Sometimes I get a floor plan delivered via email from an architect, and sometimes I do a records request from the building department to get the original plans, and I draw them. Occasionally, if it’s a small project, I will measure the room myself and draw it.
Wood Floor Layout
Beyond all the psychology and planning when you enlist an interior designer you can expect...

1. The Knowledge & Expertise of a Specialist

The hardest part of the job is mind-melding with clients to achieve their vision. I am taking the idea in someone’s head and turning it into reality. All while coordinating the moving parts and helping clients decide on all the details. 

An interior designer is part of a larger team that works to build, remodel, or even furnish and decorate a home. I can’t do it alone, and I rely on subcontractors with whom I have built relationships over the years.

White Bunk Room with shiplap walls

From the planning phase above to the actual finished product below.

White Bunk Beds with lighting

Click on the image above to see the full project.

2. Project Management from Start to Finish

My clients are busy and don’t have time to select, order, purchase, arrange delivery, receive, and install every piece of furniture, accessory, art, or fixture in their home. Nor do they have time to liaise with every contractor and quality-check work in progress during new construction or renovations.  

Often, clients jump into a construction project with little to no knowledge of how the process works, which is critical to a well-completed project. Any construction project involves many moving parts, each affecting the other. 

With over 20 years of experience and being involved with hundreds of projects, we alleviate the strain and necessary time commitment for our clients. We do all this while coordinating the big picture to ensure perfect precision, craftsmanship, style, and beauty throughout the process.

Finish Schedule Examples Above

Organization is Key! Finish schedules keep me organized and prepared.

3. Guidance in Smart Investments for the Long-Term

An investment in your home’s interior design is an investment in you. Not only does beautiful, professional interior design add value to your home, but it elevates your quality of life. The result is a thoughtfully designed home that exudes personality and turns your house into a personal sanctuary you’re proud to return to and invite guests inside.

If you want a cohesive, well-thought-out, complete design for your home, you need an interior designer. I live, breathe, and sleep design, and my passion is to help you create a luxurious and livable space.

If you think your next project could benefit from an interior designer, contact me, and let's talk about how I can help you!


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